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hold live the audience, it was a little whistle

May 20th 2020 at 6:32 PM

This little "magic whistle" helps the referee control the progress of the game. Every time the whistle sounds, it affects the hearts of the fans, sometimes it is surprising and sometimes sad. But how does a whistle the size of a thumb have such magic power? Let's tell the story of the whistle.

Boring theory

A whistle is a small air-sounding instrument that uses airflow to vibrate the devices inside the instrument to produce a sharp sound. The whistle has a long history, the earliest human beings carved gourds or animal bones, and found that they can pronounce, and began to have similar musical instruments. The ancient Egyptians used small shells as whistle. Many orchestral instruments have similar principles. The sound frequency of the whistle is affected by many factors, the most important is the shape of the whistle, and the maximum size of the whistle cavity is the main influencing factor of the whistle sound intensity.

The magic "little ball"

Anyone who has played a whistle should have the impression that there will be a small ball in many whistle. When the small ball bounces under the action of the airflow, the frequency of vocalization will also change, and the whistle will change more and be more crisp.

And this type of ball whistle has a more "professional" name-pea whistle. It was invented by an inventor named Joseph Hudson around 1884, and this is the big brother:


The whistle originally appeared as a musical instrument or toy, and the referees did n’t even think about using a whistle at all. In the football game at that time, the referees did n’t have a whistle in their hands, but a handkerchief. Control the game by waving a handkerchief. Joseph ’s client is not a referee, but-British policeman, you are not mistaken, his main client at the time was Scotland Yard in London. British and American drama fans are no longer familiar with the sound of this whistle

Is this sound used on the court? Fearing that the referee had a whale's vital capacity and could not cover thousands of fans, Joseph tried harder and threw a "magic bean" into the whistle. This was the birth of the first true referee whistle, such as Lei Guan'er's "Acme Thunderer", which was also the originator of the pea whistle. Later evolved into a plastic whistle that can be purchased from plastic toy manufacturers

Do you think this is over?

The story is not over yet. Try to recall, did you encounter any problems when you blew the pea whistle?

The pea whistle has a fatal flaw, that is, "beans" will get stuck! Known as "dumb whistle". It doesn't matter if you put it in peacetime, but if it's a critical moment in a major game and the referee blows a dumb whistle, it's not a question of embarrassment.

First, please ask our second inventor, Ron Foxloft, to appear:

Ron is a part-time basketball referee who may be unlucky. He was beaten by fans for dumb whistle many times. The last time, he almost lost his life in Brazil. In case of ordinary people encountering this kind of thing, probably from now on, life will be indifferent. Swords and guns are put into storage, and swords are used as plows. Do n’t ask the world, but the bully cow will not accept his life.

He devoted himself to all his family, risking his bankruptcy, and determined to make a whistle more than a pea whistle. Among these wonderful twists and turns, the story is not shown for the time being. In short, after experiencing countless failures and attempts, Fox 40 succeeded.

Using different chambers, Fox 40 can simultaneously produce three different frequencies of sound. Different frequencies interact with each other, and the sound is sharp and loud, but not harsh. Because the interior is completely integrated, there is no problem of jamming or air leakage.

At this point, a practical and reliable referee whistle was born. Fox 40 is the designated whistle for various competitions. From FIFA, NBA to the Olympic Games, people can hear its familiar voice everywhere. We can buy it from plastic toy manufacturers

Now, with the development of electronic technology, electronic whistle has gradually entered people's vision.

This little whistle, from its original birth in the hands of primitive people, to the moment it can be held in the audience, has experienced the hard work of countless people. Anything that seems to be ordinary has an endless wonderful story behind it.

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