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Gold Trivia Knowledge

Jul 28th 2015 at 4:25 AM

Alchemy is commonly associated with the transformation of common metal to gold during the middle ages while alloys are mixtures of two or more different metals to increase the hardness and durability of metal compounds. Amalgam on the other hand is an alloy chiefly consisting of Silver and Mercury, commonly used in dentistry. Moving on to bullions, bullions are basically gold bars which are popular in big cities such as Perth, London, New York and Melbourne.The term ductility is a term used to describe the ease of an elements capability to be modified or changed in form under tensile stress. Ductility is gauged by a substance’s malleability pertaining to how thin it can be hammered into, how much stretching ability and moulding capabilities that the substance could withstand before breaking apart. Although most of us have heard the name El Dorado (Spanish for gilded person), not many of us know that El Dorado was initially the name of a Muisca tribal chief who covered himself in gold dust during initiation rites.

Eventually the name El Dorado became the name for the fabled ‘lost city of gold” that countless of explorers went in search of and from which many never returned or simply vanished. Moving further north from South America to Central America the term 49er is about the people (especially prospectors and miners) who went to California in 1849 during the gold rush to seek their fortunes during the gold rush, speaking of which gold rush literally means what it says. The rush for gold by the masses when gold is found in a certain locations. During these gold rushes people were often fooled by nature by fool’s gold, fool’s gold is a substance that occurs naturally. Consisting of iron and sulphur (Pyrite).

Early gold seekers often mistook pyrite as gold, hence the term fool’s gold! Next we move on to the term gilding basically means to cover a solid object with a fine layer of gold while the term Gold Leaf is used for gold that is hammered to extremely thin pieces of sheet. These sheets are mostly used for gilding purposes. Finally we arrive at numismatic coins. The term numismatic actually means the study or collection of monetary items such as paper currency, coins, tokens and other objects related or has monetary value attached. The collection of numismatic coins however has become a commercial trade. People buy gold and silver numismatic coins as a profit making venture more than they do it as a personal hobby. Another factor that  people should know is that they should never try to get cash for gold Brisbane, Melbourne or any other place for numismatic collections that are usually worth much more than their weight in precious metal due to the fact that most of these coins are valued not for their gold, but instead for their rarity and condition.

Karat or carat

Karat or carat is the unit of purity for gold alloys using the equation:

X = 24Mg/Mm

X         = Karat rating for the material

Mg       = Total content of pure gold or platinum in the material

Mm      = Total weight of the material.


When you buy gold or sell gold determining the karat will be the first step of the evaluation of your gold’s worth. So if you are planning to get some cash for gold Brisbane or any other place in Australia the formula above would give you a heads-up.

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