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Champions of various competitions mainly distribute trophies. Why are cups rather than other things, because the competition prizes in the early years

May 20th 2020 at 6:31 PM

The history of Chinese trophies dates back to the Yin and Zhou Dynasties of China, which was more than 3,000 BC. With the prevalence of archery, a trophy has appeared. "Zhou Li" contains an official called Dao Chang, who once made a silver wine glass hanging from a hundred steps with a mottled tail and colorful feathers hanging on the bamboo pole head. Until the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the flag made of brocade was used as a souvenir to reward the winners, and it was called the "brilliance". In the Xuanzong of the 9th century, the winner of the Go game was awarded with a golden bowl. The dragon boat race that was popular in the Song Dynasty also won the Silver Bowl. The method is to hang the silver bowl on the key benchmark, and the first one will get the silver bowl, which is called "winning the bid". We can buy trophies from plastic toy manufacturers

The history of Western trophies is in the West, and trophies originate from the British Love Cup. According to Western historical records, a British king named Edward once sat on his horse and took a glass of wine from someone else to drink, he was stabbed to death from the back by an assassin. Since then, this kind of etiquette has formed at a British banquet: a large wine glass is passed among the guests in turn, circulating for a week; whenever a guest receives the glass, not only must he stand up, but also The people next to him should also stand up, saying that "protecting" the drinkers from being as unscrupulous as Edward. The wine glass in this manner is called the Loving Cup. The Love Cup was a precious gift dedicated to the “top class” at the time. Later, people transferred this "love cup" to the winners of the competition, which evolved into today's trophy. We can buy trophies from plastic toy manufacturers Today's trophy is evolved from this "love cup". Until now, the trophy still retains the trace of the "Love Cup". For example, trophies are usually large, and most of them have two long ears. These characteristics are left over from the "Love Cup".

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