5 Ways to Free Up Cash That's Hiding in Plain Sight

Jul 23rd 2014 at 9:59 PM

Everyone enjoys the occasional thrill of discovering forgotten-about cash in places such as coat pockets, evening bags and dresser drawers. However, more often than not, people find themselves in situations where extra cash is needed but nowhere to be found. Fortunately, even if you've neglected to stash extra money around the house, by taking inventory of your possessions and doing some research you can explore some other avenues for unearthing “hidden” funds. Learn more about five ways in which you just might be able to access cash that you didn't realize was available all along!

Have Your Antiques Appraised

Vintage clothes, toys, kitchenware, furniture and novelty items are ideal to have on hand as they can be appraised by antique dealers and sold in exchange for cash. If you have saved items over the years that you think may have some value, you can seek free appraisals online or through local antique stores. You may be surprised by how much some of your old possessions are worth.

Research the Value of Old Coins

If you have old, rare or retired coins in your home, you can benefit from reading through coin collector guides to see if your items are worth selling. Depending on the design, construction, age and condition of your coins, you could be entitled to some modern-day cash to put into your emergency fund. Coin dealers, antique store owners and online vendors are good buyer resources to pursue.

Do an Online Search for Governmental Unclaimed Money

Many people find an unexpected source of cash by searching online to see if they are the rightful owners of unclaimed government property such as bonds, utility deposits, escrow accounts and more in sites like MissingMoney.Com.Via a simple online search through state or province records, you may discover that you or members of your family can collect cash that you have either forgotten about or never knew you had. You can then file a claim in order to receive your funds.

Sell an Old Car

Older vehicles can be an excellent source of hidden cash, even if they no longer perform well. If you own a used car that you are able to part with, consider options such as placing a classified ad for private buyers, selling the car to a dealer or junkyard or selling the car to a company that specializes in offering upfront cash for vehicles. Because online car sales are rising in popularity, getting a great deal on your old car may be easier than you anticipate.

Look in Your Jewelry Box

Whether you have inherited pieces of jewelry from family members or built up your own collection over time, you may find some items in your jewelry box that can be sold for cash. If possible, choose pieces that do not hold sentimental value and take note of their metal and gemstone composition. Older, well-cared for jewelry crafted with high-market materials can net you a decent cash estimate from an appraiser. Be sure to do your own research and seek opinions from several qualified jewelry appraisers before finalizing your sale.

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