Why use LED bulbs?

Oct 26th 2015 at 3:57 AM

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are lights with better brightness that look like tubes. A diode is a device than can monitor the flow of current and move it in one direction. Diodes are used by numerous electrical devices such as audio equipment and computers.

The popularity of LED light bulbs in increasing and a lot of people are using these bulbs instead of traditional bulbs made of incandescent. As these bulbs are durable, need low energy and are available in various types ranging from soft lights to ultra bright lights, they are now being used for various home and commercial use. Another reason, why people are opting for the LED light bulbs is, they are an eco-friendly way to illuminate building and thus helping us make a greener planet.

As there are several advantages of LED lights, they are now preferred choice for many and various lighting companies have wide range of LED products to offer now. Some highlights of these bulbs are :

- Output of energy : They are capable of providing energy output up to 135 watts.

- Durability : They are very durable and can be used for more than 50k hours. As there is no filament or tube, these bulbs are stronger too.

- Start up time : These bulbs light up within nanoseconds of turning them on.

- Temperature : As these bulbs are not affected by high and low temperatures, they can be used in any kind of weather.

- Control : The brightness of these lights can be managed and the focus lights can be controlled too.

- Color : As the color of LED lights is consistent even after long use, they are used in various commercial applications.

- Environment Friendly : As these lights do not contain harmful substances such as mercury, they are environment friendly too.

- Energy-efficient : Almost 80 percent of the electric energy gets converted to light energy in these energy saving light bulbs led. Thus they can bring down the expenses of your electricity bill and save both money and energy.


The manufacturers of LED lights now provide a huge range of bulbs in various shapes and various base widths and thus it is easy to find an LED bulb for almost every light fixture. If you need LED bulbs for spot lights, then you can get the led gu10 bulbs or led mr16 bulbs. One of the most popular bulbs for spot lights is mr16 50w led bulb warm white 120. Thus LED lights can be used in bedrooms, shops and many more places. Small size led bulbs are used in printed circuit boards.

LEDs are low energy lighting solutions with lower cost of maintenance. Thus it is recommended that you replace your traditional bulbs with LED bulbs. There are numerous supplier of LED bulbs UK. They offer bulbs for various purpose and sizes. Search for the bulbs you want to by. For example, gu10 led bulbs and you would get a list of online stores that sell these bulbs such as led hut UK. So choose a reputed supplier and then choose the type of bulb you want and order it from online.

Brighten up your space with LED bulbs!

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