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Why do Gamers want to Rule the World?

Jul 10th 2014 at 1:48 AM

Games are a complete source of entertainment, because unlike films and TV they let the players be a part of the fun and interact with the virtual world created for them. Living and growing up in the information or AI age, games are a big part of our lives. Gaming industry has grown exponentially over the past 2 decades mainly because gamers can’t get enough of games.

One genre in particular has become immensely popular, online multiplayer strategy games or MMORPGs. These games attract millions of gamers every day, so what is it about these games that appeals to players?

Playing the Hero

Which gamer has not had a fantasy about being the hero that is the last hope of the world? A hero that survives all the trials and tribulations, gains experience and saves the world against all the odds. Role playing games provide gamers with ample opportunities to live out their fantasies. In these particular games, you usually get control of a naive young hero who gets thrust into the middle of the action. You can’t help but relate to him on some level. You have to help the hero get skills and experience to be triumphant.

Taste of Power

There are some online strategy war games that give the gamer control over a faction or tribe of people. From meager beginnings, gamers have to build that faction up and make them powerful. You can choose to grow their military power or use diplomatic and trade maneuver to grow their influence. This lets gamers be in charge of a powerful nation with considerable military power. This taste of power holds a lot of appeal for the gamers.

Ruling the World

And finally the biggest reason gamers play strategy games of any kind, to rule the world – just the virtual one but it’s the thought that counts. Any fictional planet or realm they are a part of, gamers want to grow their influence and expand their territory in it. They want to extend their control to the furthest reaches of the fictional world and be the sole ruler or at least have influence over the entire explored world. The amount of gameplay required to accomplish such a feat is commendable.

By looking at the reasons above you can see why strategy games are so popular. They are designed and developed to pique the gamers’ interest and provide them ways they can live out their fantasies in the safety of the virtual world.

Company Introduction

Digital Wizards is an independent game development company specializing in the design and development of intuitive, fun, online-multiplayer games. Digital Wizards embraces the values of hard-work and dedication but what makes them distinctive is the background of their first major project, 5-Empires. Their approach to 5-Empires is simple enough: create a game they could enjoy playing themselves.


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