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What Causes a Hard Drive Crash (festplattencrash) And How to Protect Yourself from It?

Mar 3rd 2015 at 2:06 AM

A hard drive crash (festplattencrash) can leave your virtually crippled as your computer becomes of no use. Recovering your important data becomes crucial in such cases, but when you have taken preventive measures, you can be more assured than ever.

The hard drive of your computer is where all your data gets stored. The hard drive is one of the most crucial elements of your computer system. The data stored in the hard drive, like the operating system application files and your personal data in text, audio, image and video format is required for the running of your computer. Therefore, a hard drive crash (festplattencrash) is something you would want to avoid at all times.

There are several reasons why you can face a hard drive crash (festplattencrash), and in most cases it is not your fault. You should remember that all electronic items have a life cycle, and are bound to fail at some point of time. The only difference could be that while some fail near the end of their life cycle, other may fail much earlier, creating a situation which is hard to anticipate.

Reasons for Hard Drive Crash (festplattencrash)


Sometimes the rotating motor inside your hard drive can heat up excessively causing it to crash. Inside your hard disk is a magnetic disc that spins around when it’s ON. There is an extended arm on top of the disc that moves around to collect data from it by moving to specific areas on the disc. Due to overheating the disc may stop spinning or the arm might fail, with either case leading to a hard drive crash(festplattencrash).


File Corruption

A common reason why many hard disks fail or crash is because they get filled with corrupt system files, registry files, or due to the entry of viruses. Viruses are malicious programs which inhibit the proper working of the computer, and that of the hard drive.

How to Know If a Crash is Due To Mechanical or Software Failure?

Your hard drive crash (festplattencrash) can either be due to mechanical reasons or due to problems in the system software. But how do you know which one is it? You just have to check the small led light on your computer. This small light indicates whether your hard drive is functioning alright or not.

If you are facing a system crash, or your system is not booting up, check the light if its blinking or not. If the light is blinking, it means that your hard drive does not have mechanical issues, which is good news for you. Software failures can be fixed with relative ease and the data can be recovered.

But if the LED is not blinking, then it means that there are mechanical defects in your hard drive. You will have to take professional help to recover your data which can cost you a lot.

Protecting yourself from a Hard Disk Crash (festplattencrash)

The best protection against a hard drive crash (festplattencrash) is to periodically back up your data. This is the best way to ensure you are not at a loss when your drive crashes abruptly. The other way is to use special software that warn you well in advance whenever your hard drive is nearing its life cycle, or is about to crash. You should also use the disk defragmentation tool that comes in all operating systems.

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