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What are Grey Iron Castings?

Oct 7th 2014 at 5:07 AM

Grey iron castings or simply grey iron, is a kind of cast iron with a graphitic microstructure. The cast got its name from the color of the fracture that it creates, which is due to the graphite. Today it is one of the most widely used cast materials due to its reliability and flexibility.


Cast iron manufacturers gray use this material for various applications such as decorative castings, electrical boxes, valve bodies and pump housings. It is also used in internal combustion engine cylinder blocks and housings where tensile power is not critical. These castings also produce high thermal conductivity which can be used for disc brake rotors, cast iron cookware and other products.


Gray iron works well as an engineering alloy because it is low cost and offers excellent machinability. This is because the graphite produces lubrication that breaks and cuts the chips. Because the graphite flakes generate lubrication, it doesn’t wear out easily and also has superb damping capacity. It is also worth pointing out that grey iron does not undergo as much solidification shrinkage as other cast iron products that don’t have a graphite microstructure. Furthermore the silicon in this element provides strong resistance to corrosion and damage.

Finding a Quality Grey Casting Service

If you need grey casting you should only settle for the best, a company that’s recognized for the quality of their compacted graphite, austempered ductile, ductile and other materials. The trademark of a quality iron casting service is the amount of graphite iron melted in a day, which is measured in tons. Another trademark of quality casting service is the use of customized vertical green sand molding equipment, as it indicates the company’s dedication.

The best iron casting service also use lean manufacturing principals for the procedures they employ to ensure that each product is of the highest quality. Furthermore, these companies never rest on their laurels and continuously refine the technologies they use, something that should be pointed out in the official website.

If you’re going to hire the services of one of these companies, you need to study the information they provide, in particular the metallurgical science they use in the manufacturing process. More importantly, look for signs of custom technology as that is a good indicator of the credentials of the company.

There are a few more things you need to check, namely what information the company provides concerning the Compacted Graphite Iron Vs Cast Iron debate, and where each material is most suited, and you should also investigate the company’s reputation in the industry.

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