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At PCB ASSEMBLY DEPOT every product is manufactured in compliance to standards adopted by ISO 9001-2000.
3 years ago

Varieties and applications of printed circuit board

Mar 20th 2014 at 2:09 AM

An electronic circuitry designed on non-conductive sheet of plastic, attaching electronic components on their surface and creating communication pathways among those components collaboratively form a Printed Circuit Board.

Printed circuit boards come in three different varieties:

  • In Single-sided PCBs conductive connections are etched only on one side of the non-conductive substrate. The bottom side of the PCB that contains cooper tracks to form interconnections between different elements is called solder side. The other side where electronic parts are mounded is known as component side.
  • In Double-sided PCBs wiring patterns are etched on both sides of the non-conductive substrate. In order words, the connecting pathways are available on, both solder and component side of the board. These circuits have higher connection and component density than that of single-sided boards.
  • In multilayer PCBs, more than two printed circuit boards are used. These boards are separated from each other by placing a thin sheet of Pre-preg material between each of the layer. Multilayer PCBs are used when it requires high density of connections to form the circuit.

There are numerous electronic manufacturing services are available that are working on the well-formation of printed circuit boards used in various application areas.

Printed Circuit Boards are the integral part of todays’ electronic industry. They are the basic building blocks used in formation of various electronic products such as:

  • End-user electronic products: It includes the products that we used in our daily lives such as cable TV converter box, digital wrist watch, calculator, microwave oven, CD player, home alarm systems, toys that are based upon remote control systems, personal computers, coffee machines, video games, cellular telephones, Infrared detectors and others.
  • They are also a vital part of today’s fat paced telecommunications gadgets such as Cell Telephone Relay Stations, two-way Walkie-Talkies, fire/police/rescue radios, aircraft radios and others.
  • The electronics used in military such as night vision goggles, fire control circuits, missile guidance systems, systems used for satellite navigation etc. are rely on well-fabricated printed circuit boards.
  • Automotive industry incorporate the PCBs in various electronic gadgets such as fuel air mixture, dash instrumentation, entertainment accessories, fuel injection, and others.
  • PCBs exhibit their high usage for the formation of electronic devices used in medical industry such as heart rate monitors, machines used for breathing, equipment used for dialysis, automated medicine dispensing equipment, in laser based teeth whitening devices, machine LASIX used for optical surgery, X-ray machines, and other scanning machines like CAT, MRI etc.
  • Printed circuit boards provide functioning to the electronics used for instrumentation such as weather radar , weather related telemetry, for electricity and temperature measuring machines like Ohm meter, temperature meter, digital to analogue  power inverters, spectrum analyzers, strain gauges, CCD telescopes, and more.

Electronic manufacturing services ensure the manufacturing of top-notch quality PCB units with durability and speed features.

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