Understanding the Advantages of Automated Testing

Nov 27th 2015 at 8:24 PM

Businesses opt for automated testing to simply do better than the competitors. Aside from the futuristic creativity in software development, they also look for evolutionary changes.

The advantages of mobile application automation testing ensure more robust testing methodologies take place. Without automation, delays in testing cause poor quality assurance strategies and underestimates the needed effort for testing. When using mobile application automation testing, software can go through a stricter testing regimen that offers thorough comprehensive results. The complexity of software has so many variables, outcome behaviors, inputs for testing and evaluation. Manual testing takes time and adds to the cost of development. As software and applications become more complex, the time required for thorough testing increases.

Automation reduces that time and therefore the overall costs. Testing creates results required for development changes. The longer the testing takes, the longer is the development phase. Testing and development integrate with each other. Mobile application automation testing saves money for both testing and development.

As mobile application automation testing saves time, application development receives more time for more enhanced innovation with creativity. This assures a better quality product for consumers. With choices offered to consumers, they can choose the better application. The software that becomes marketable has had the most extensive testing that offered greater opportunity for development. Without mobile application automation testing, the chance for testing new features and benefits suffers. The value of automation includes the ability to analyze all possible scenarios of input and test the quality of outcome. More scenarios tested assure improved predictability of the outcome to meet consumer’s expectations. During the testing process, other features, benefits, enhancements, and upgrades result as ways to improve software and applications. Today's consumers expect software developers to challenge their talents to create innovative solutions.

The evolution of software increasingly moves faster over time. This has come about through the adoption of mobile application automation testing . More companies rely on automation to compete in the marketplace. Consumers expect evolutionary changes each time a new software releases in the market. They expect creative innovation not seen before. Mobile application automation testing assures groundbreaking efforts to meet consumer’s expectations to receive state-of-the-art creativity in software development. This process of testing embodies today's atmosphere of software development. With raised expectations from consumers, software developers compete by raising expectations among each other. Developers not taking advantage of common mobile application automation testing techniques will fail to succeed in the market with new releases of products. This level of competition persuades developers to work more with automation in testing so that more development time takes place.

Today's software needs to run on a variety of frameworks, operating systems, and networks that go through their own evolutionary changes. Once the software releases in the market, further testing takes place as the operating system runs on upgrades or enhancements. The murkiness of software running environments require continual testing as an element within the environment goes through a change, enhancement, or upgrade. Mobile application automation testing allows for repetitive testing to assure consistency in result expectations. This frequent testing has become a necessity due to changes to networks, operating systems, data processing architecture, or the software itself. The role of testing to assure long-term quality of software survives changes and upgrades.

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