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Understanding Light Weight Deflectometer and Its Uses &Applications

Jan 22nd 2015 at 4:54 AM

Falling weight deflectometers continue to be used by civil engineers as testing devices for evaluating the pavement’s physical properties, particularly for estimating structural capacity for overlay design as well as for determining if the pavement is overloaded. Deflectometers are used to test highways, airport pavements, railway tracks, and local roads, to name a few. The problem is that conventional deflectometers are typically very bulky; they are contained within trailers that need towing to transfer to another location. Even more compact deflectometers need hand trolleys to be pushed to a certain location.

Luckily, there are now light weight deflectometers that can be carried and transported by hand—with absolutely no need for a loading vehicle. Also called light drop weight testers, these portable deflectometer are fully equipped with GPS systems, rechargeable batteries, USB-drives, printers, text input, and PC software. The best models are made in Germany and incorporate Bluetooth as well as voice navigation. Because it can analyze data on the spot, a lightweight and portable falling weight tester enables your own employees to perform dynamic load plate tests in as little as two minutes—without the need for a laboratory.

Uses of Light Weight Deflectometer

Because of their unparalleled portability, lightweight deflectometers can be used even in areas that are difficult to access. They are ideal for construction companies that regularly carry out compaction testing. If you are in the construction industry, then you are well aware that checking the soil before construction is absolutely critical to preventing problems down the road, letting you carry out soil-improving measures when necessary. A lightweight deflectometer can certainly make testing across the construction faster, cheaper, and more efficient. Areas that are hard to access—such as backfills and ditches—are suddenly accessible. A lightweight deflectometer optimizes compactionwork, thus saving time and money.

A light falling weight tester is useful for a wide range of compaction testing applications, including earthworks, civil engineering, road construction, sewage pipes, railway track construction, power lines, landscaping and gardening, sporting ground construction, and many others.

This revolutionary type of equipment is now widely used in Germany, and is being adapted around the world. If you are serious about increasing productivity and improving efficiency in your construction business, it’s time you invested in lightweight deflectometers.

Buying Light Weight Deflectometers at Great Prices

To get the best value, buy your light weight deflectometer direct from the manufacturer. This allows you to skip the middleman or distributor and get the absolutely lowest prices on this equipment.

About The Author:

TERRATEST GmbH is world leader in development and manufacturing of Light Weight Deflectometers for dynamic load plate test. They offer the world’s first light weight deflectometerTERRATEST 5000 BLU” with Bluetooth and voice navigation. For more information about their products visit their website!

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