Types Of SEO Methods

Nov 2nd 2015 at 1:51 PM

Search Engine Optimization process is broken into 2 optimization methods. The first one is on-page/on-site optimization. And the other is off-page/off-site optimization. These two methods are used for ranking higher and achieving organic traffic for a website. On-page & off-page are equally important in optimization task. If you ignore one part, you won’t be able to complete the other part and never get success from SEO. To grow your business, achieving rank and increasing traffic, you must be familiar with these two methods. You should be known how they work and what strategies can you use to complete the tasks effectively. In this article I will show you how the methods works for your website and what steps you should take to make your SEO campaign successful.

On Page SEO

On-site/on-page optimization is the process of optimizing a website’s inner ingredient in such ways so it becomes friendlier to the search engines. These inner ingredients are the website’s content, heading tag, meta tag, xml sitemap, alternative image tag, HTML structure, robot.txt etc. Optimizing anything for search engine that is uploaded to your website is considered as an on-site optimization. In other words, on-site optimization is what can be done on the pages to make it more search engine friendly in order to achieve ultimate rank and get organic traffics.

Ingredient of On-Page SEO

Here are some important on-page ingredients that should be added/done if they aren’t available. If you already have them, you must improve the components according to the SEO rules and the algorithms of Google. Adding or improving the components will help you to make the website friendly to search engines and you will be succeeded in the first part of search engine optimization. 

1. Proper Post Title (H1 tags)

2. ALT Tags (Must use proper ALT tags with targeted keywords)

3. URL structure (One of the most important part in SEO, must contain your main keyword)    

4. Meta Description Tag

5. Keyword Density

6. XML sitemap

7. Proper Content (Should be unique)

8. Internal Linking Strategy (Related articles must be properly interlinked within the website)

9. Proper HTML and CSS validation

10. Title Tags

11. Social Media Tags

12. robots.txt

13. DMoz Directory

14. Google Analytic Tag

15. Head Tags etc

These are the important element of on-page of a website of which you should take a great care. It is said that if your on-page is perfect, then you have achieved 70% success from SEO. The rest of the success depends on the off-page SEO optimization.

Why On-page Is Important

If you want to achieve rapid results from your SEO tasks, then the on-page of your website should be constructed well. A website is appearing in the search engines only when they crawl or index it. And a page is indexed only when the on-page of that website is completely search engine friendly. If your on-page ingredients are not properly added or improved then it will never be crawled by the search engines. To be indexed by search engines, you must follow the rules of the search engines and develop your website according to the suggestions. You may have a lot of backlinks (ingredient of Off page SEO) for your website, but the search engine won’t index the links untill the on-page are not corrected properly.

When creating a website you have your own choice to keep the ingredients and arrange them according to your likings. Search engines give you the right to create your website to your choice. But when it comes to the matter of indexing and crawling, then the engines will definitely examine it whether the website is friendly or not. So, creating a website is in your hand, but development of the site should follow the search engine rules. Don’t worry; your website won’t be deformed if you follow the algorithms. Search engines never create the rules that deform a website. Rather the rules are helpful to make the website more attractive and meaningful. If you develop your website following the rules, you will obviously get targeted customers to your website as the rules will help you to achieve them. Without proper on-page optimization, the website will never be appearing on the search engines and always remain in darkness. You won’t be succeeded with your online business if you avoid on-page optimization. So it’s really very important.

Off-page Optimization

Off-page SEO is the process that publishes a website to the vast internet world and makes it visible to the common people in order to influence them and make them the customer of the website. Off-page optimization helps to get organic traffic to a website. The main strategy of off-page optimization is advertising & marketing.  One should do the advertising task in such ways that help the site to gain a lot of customers quickly.  This method is considered as the things you do offline to your website in order to achieve good search engine ranking.

Methods Of Off-page SEO

Some effective off-page SEO strategies are:

1. Link building

2. Blog Commenting

3. Ad Posting

4. Reputation Management

5. Business Writings

6. Business Reviews

7. Image Sharing

8. Video Promotion

9. Social Media Shares

10. Business File/document Sharing

As I have previously said, if you do these tasks effectively, then you can easily achieve the rest 30% success of SEO tasks.

Importance Of Off-page Task

Off-page/off-site optimization is same important as on-site method. If you want to achieve the targeted visitors for your website, then your website must be shown before your targeted customers. And this target can be achieved only when you will do the advertising task effectively. Off-page optimization  provides you the opportunity to publish your website before the common public the influence them to purchase your website products. When you will submit your website to various website submission sites/advertisement sites with your website details, then the submission sites will publish your website’s description on its advertisement page. Thus the website will be visible to the people that come to visit the site and also to those who go there for their own advertisements.  They will be known to your website, its aim and services. If they find the submission information helpful, they will visit your website to purchase your products or to get your services. Thus, you will be able to get organic visitors as well as customers for your website. Without off-page optimization, recognition and popularity and customer acquisition is not possible.

Lastly, on-page & off-page optimization are are both important aspects that must be done for ultimate success in search engine optimization. You should be properly optimized your website having all over knowledges on these strategies for better search engine visibility. If you can place your website on the first queue of search engines, it can give you unlimited organic traffic, which is helpful for better conversation, increasing sales and income.To get more information , Please have a Click on SEO Lancashire .

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