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1 month ago

Toshiba Launching 3D TV - Glasses Not Required

Oct 6th 2010 at 12:21 AM

Just heard this on Bloomberg Stock Market News.

Toshiba is launching a 3D television that does not require the viewer to wear glasses and I believe it will be the world’s first. Toshiba will produce two versions of their “Glass-less REGZA 3D TV”; one will be a 20 inch model and a smaller 12 inch one.

The main complaint that many people have had about the prospect of 3D television viewing is the need to wear special glasses in order to do it. This is not practical, and if you already wear prescription glasses your viewing experience is likely to be pretty poor unless you can get your hands on prescription 3D glasses.

Looks like the invention of these prescription 3D glasses will no longer be necessary.  If you simply must view television in 3D Toshiba has proved that the funky glasses are no longer needed. A sort of Lasix surgery for the viewer or the television, I am not quite sure which. Perhaps the next new television product will be made with a screen that makes it unnecessary for the individual who already wears prescription glasses to be bothered with the hassle of putting them on. Get your television with your personal prescription glass but what happens when your prescription changes? Why not have a screen that you can adjust to match your prescription, oh that won't work unless you are the only one watching the television. In today's day of technology it seems like that is the case for most people anyway. With Toshiba's new product you need to view the screen at a distance of 90 cm for the larger TV and 65 cm for the smaller 12 inch one, which means you need to be up pretty close to the set. You have to sit in just the right position, or angle in order to allow the brain to interpret the 3D effects.

Masaaki Oosami, the president of Toshiba Visual Products told the BBC that it was “more natural to watch TV without glasses”.

Both television sets will be available in Japan in December at a cost of $1,450 for the smaller one and around double that for the larger one. We don’t know yet when they will be available to the rest of the world or what they will cost.

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