Top four accessories of Oppo Mobile

Nov 3rd 2014 at 10:04 PM

As the popularity of smartphones from the Chinese manufacturing company Oppo grow, more and more accessories for its phones are flooding the market. This means users are getting more and more options for customizing their phones and using them more effectively.

Here are listed some of the hottest selling accessories for the Oppo mobile phones in the market.

1. Stands, power banks and speakers combined

There are special stands being released for smartphones from Oppo that serve three purposes in one go. The stand for the phone has a built in speaker which means more viewing comfort for the user. The phone can be positioned on the stand and the speakers can be switched on while watching a movie. The stand also serves as a power bank which means that the user would not have to look for a charging point in the case of an emergency. The power bank is inside the stand which means that the user does not have to bother about the charge running out in the middle of a movie.

This accessory is being sold in large numbers across the world as more and more people are using their smartphones as complete entertainment solutions which means shorter battery lives and the need for emergency sources of power.

2. Covers

Since the phones are expensive the customers want complete protection for their phones. The only problem is the unique design of the smartphone’s camera module which means the standard protection covers would not work (as the camera is a rotating camera). Therefore Oppo itself is manufacturing and selling beautifully designed covers for all its smartphones.

3. Hands free kits for the car

There are a lot of Bluetooth head sets available in the market for all sorts of phones. However a unique accessory that is being advertised a lot is a small device that can be attached to the visor of your car and can be paired up with the smartphone. This device can then serve as a Bluetooth mic and speaker for making and receiving telephone cars while driving. The other standard hands free kits are available for the entire range of smartphones from Oppo.

4. Batteries

Most smartphone manufacturers these days do not manufacture smartphones with removable covers and this is why the batteries cannot be changed. This also means that one should have access to a charging point at all times. On the other hand smartphones from Oppo can have their batteries replaced easily. The company is also selling batteries that a user can charge and carry with him. In the case of emergencies these batteries can always be used since the smartphone batteries are easily replaceable.

While more and more smartphones are being sold in the market, the accessories market is only just beginning to blossom as people are slowly getting used to customizing their phones and getting more out of their devices. As the market grows more accessories will be launched using the customer feedback about their usability and cost effectiveness.

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