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Top drones for beginners

Dec 22nd 2015 at 10:03 AM

Drones are very popular at the moment, every guy and even gal knows what it is. If by any chance, you do not know what a drone is. A drone is unpiloted aircraft or spacecraft. Drones now a days are used by various militaries for war purposes and what not. But there are mini drones with cameras that almost everyone has or wants! Drones are very fun because you can record and take pictures while flying your bird. If you are new to this whole drone phenomenom, throughout this article we will offer you with the best drones for beginners in 2015.


If you are a beginner you will probably be looking to buy a cheap drone. Why a cheaper drone, you may ask? Well you need to learn your way around these birds and just in case you crash your drone, you won't feel that bad because you didn't pay alot for your drone in the first place.


You can find many drones for just under $100! This price is great for starters and you would be amazed by how good these drones actually are. The sooner, you gain more skills the faster you can upgrade to a better, more expensive drone.


The first drone we recommend for all beginners is the Syma X5C, it prices at about $45. Most people especially,  beginners complain that they can't pilot and fly their birds properly, they blame the wind and what not. Well you can't blame then wind when it comes to the Syma X5C, because it is equipped with a 6-Axis Gyroscope. This 6-Axos Gycroscrope provides the drone with strong balance in the air even when there is light wind. Another great thing about this drone, is that the camera is pretty good! It comes with a 2MP, 720P HD Camera for taking picteresque stills and videos while flying your drone. A 2GB MicroSD card is included, which is enough memory for a beginner to snap pictures and record videos right away!  And if you were planning on flying your drone at night, it is equipped with green and orange lights that will help you find your drone in the sky.


The next drone we recommend is the Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt. If you are looking for a drone with a camera, we are sorry to tell you that this drone doesnt possess a camera not does it have an option to add one. Therefore this drone is simply for the enjoyment of flying a drone. A great thing about the Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt, is the fact that it is very durable. It takes some hard beatings so to say before falling short. You can crash it multiple times into various things before the drone receives any damage. This is great for beginners because we all know that you will be crashing your drone alot during the first few flights. Another great thing about this drone is that the controller is easy to follow and you will be doing stunts with your drone in no time! It comes equipped with safeguards therefore keeping your drone safe even if you unintentionally crash it.


The next drone we recommend is the Hubsan X4. This is one of the best yet inexpensive drones currently available on the market. It is one of the lighter drones when it comes to weight, it cam basically fit in the palm of your hand. One of the things you do need to remember when it comes to this drone is that it will drift off course in windier conditions because it is so tiny. Also because it is so small it is more sensitive than other drones, so you will need to take a tad bit more care of it.  One of the good things that the Hubsan X4 has to offer is it's camera. It enables you to record 720 x 240 p video which is streamed to the full size transmitter's built in LCD Screen. (How cool is that?!) It is also easy to learn to control and to fly, you need minimal to no help whatso ever! This drone will allow you to learn some basic skills or to improve your existing skills before you go off and buy a more expensive model.

Another drone we recommend to all beginners is the Estes Proto X. This drone is more affordable coming in at about $40. This drone is also smaller in size, therefore you should be more gentle with it. It comes with a controler and you can fly it as soon as you take it out of the box. It comes with a controller that resembles a Play Station controller, basically we've all played a game at least onces on a Play Station therefore flying this baby will be super easy! It is also pocket sized, so you will not need a lot of space to pack it up for your next flying adventure.


Last, but not least we reccommend the USA Toyz UX5C drone. This drone is equipped with a HD Video Camera, with 2MP. It allows you to take high resolution pictures and videos during flight. This drone also includes a 2 GB Micro SD Card that will allow you to save your videos and pictures right away. This drone is also equipped with 6 Axis Gyro, which provides you with more stability especially for beginners.

As we have listed above there are alot of top drones for beginners on the market currently and the best part is that they are all priced reasonbly!

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