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Top Choices For Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS)

Mar 23rd 2015 at 7:29 AM

Before taking a closer look at some of the top choices for integrated workplace management software, it helps to better understand what the software is, what functions it offers, and how your business could benefit from implementing this type of software.

What Exactly Is This Type Of Software?

Integrated workplace management systems or IWMS is a great tool to help streamline the management of your company. Managing an office is easier when you can reach your employees through technology. IWMF is software that helps make facilities management a lot easier. The most common uses of this type of software are real estate management, capital project management, facilities management, maintenance management, and energy management.

What are the Main Functions of This Type of Software?

The main functions of IWMS are to help with master planning, space planning, inventory, budgeting, assessment, cost administration, and portfolio management. These are applied differently in a real estate company as would be in a moving company, but they are all important ways to streamline your companies managing practices.

Exploring the Benefits of IWMS

There are a lot of benefits that come along with implementing an IWMS system including:

•    Cuts Costs

•    Increase Productivity

•    Enhances Customer Service

•    Utilizes Space More Efficiently

•    Streamlines Processes

•    Provides Quicker and More Accurate Reports

Here is a closer look at the benefits and how they can apply to your business specifically.

Cutting Costs

You will find that it helps cut costs by giving you a better idea of the space you have and bringing you constant data. It will be easier to look at the cost effectiveness of leases, construction, and other important aspects of the company.

Increase in Productivity

You will see an increase in productivity and improved customer service. The use of the IWMS will allow you to plan better meaning you will have every employee making the best use of their time.

Enhanced Customer Service and Reporting

Since IWMS helps you regulate routine tasks you will be able to handle customer's needs more efficiently. You can also look forward to sharing more information throughout your company and faster reporting that will be more accurate.

Increases the Overall Moral of the Business

An added benefit when you use IWMS is an increase in moral. Your employees might feel stressed and over worked. It would seem streamlining a lot of their everyday work tasks would help to alleviate some of the pressure they feel. This process helps you offer a more holistic approach to developing your business and solutions for your business. It doesn't just focus on single problems that consume a lot of your time, but looks at everything as a whole. This will allow you to work on your business instead of working on the problems in your business.

Below, you can learn about four of the top providers of this type of software. If you have any plans of implementing this kind of software into your business, you should start with these four providers. You will like what they have to offer.

Top Companies/Providers of IWMS

1.    Manhattan Software

Manhattan Software's solutions can be designed to cater to the specific business that needs to use them. They offer innovative solutions to help make great decisions for your business and maximize efficiency. They have a vision to support the global real estate and facility management across the world and provide a more streamlined business model for everyone affordably.

2.    Planon

Planon has provided innovative software solutions since 1982 and has helped organizations simplify their real estate and facilities management process. They have a solution for you and the industry experts to help you make it successful. With over three decades of experience you can depend on a customer focused pleasant experience.

3.    iOffice Corporation

iOfficeCorp believes in providing smart facility management solutions that will help make your business run more efficiently. They provide software that will reduce disruptions, training time, and costs. They are determined to cost you less money on the operating side of things and increase productivity across the board.

4.    Accruent

Accruent knows that real estate represents the second largest expense companies have. They want to offer solutions that will not only work with real estate but across the facilities management spectrum. They deliver solutions in the cloud that can lower your total costs and accelerate the ROI. They offer software solutions for commercial property management, telecom, retail, and higher education.

Conclusion – Important Things to Know

Some important things you should know about using IWMS is that it is a process driven application and it will help support decisions. The process driven part of it will go along nicely with the processes that are already going in your company. It will just make them easier. For example putting in a help ticket with IT will be automatic and you won't have to spend long hours on the phone trying to get it fixed. As far as helping you with decision making it gives you the backing you need to move forward with bold decisions. You will be relying on the data IWMS can give you.

The process is web based and there might be some push back from those who have done it the same way for years. The important takeaway is it will make you function more like a well-oiled machine and become less chaotic. Web based solutions are the way of the future and they make sense. Another benefit of IWMS is helping you keep up with compliance. When compliance is being adhered to by each employee providing their own paperwork things can fall through the cracks.

With this system in place you can keep track of compliance all in one place. IWMS is going to provide solutions for project management, facilities management, maintenance management, sustainability, and corporate real estate. You can see how it just makes sense to go to an integrated system.

As you can see, this is a great software to consider implementing into your business. The key is knowing what options you have and how to choose the better one.

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