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“To Follow or not to Follow.. Twitter, IMFaceplate“

Aug 1st 2010 at 7:39 AM

This post is to inform everyone of my


As well as to teach others how to properly

use sites that have “Following” capabilities.

I was recently approached on IMFaceplate

from an undisclosed person with a Spam


I call it spam because I had never met

this person but they took it upon

themselves to follow me, then send

me an ad for a social network that they

may or may not get paid for.

When I asked that person not to spam

my Faceplate I was bombarded with a

snide comment.

This post is dedicated to anyone that

doesn’t know how to market using

tools like Twitter, and ImFaceplate.

Help Me Help You!

Thanks for reading entire post and


I will start by saying the first person

to a million “followers” is not the


I network with some of the top names

in the internet marketing world.

Now, I’m not trying to toot my own horn

here, all I am getting at is I generally will

find out about what’s new in the internet

marketing world before most people


I make it my job to know what programs

are out there, and I help hundreds of

people make decisions based off of my

knowledge. So, it would stand to reason

I would be somebody you would want

to follow and see what I was doing next.

Especially with a blog named

TheBlakestersMadness. Wink!

Now let’s talk about Sally Spammer for

a minute.. Stay with me.

Sally Spammer just came out of No

where with some idea of joining a social

network that she believes will pay her if

she goes and spams enough people to

get involved to spam other people.

Now, looking at Sally’s Spamming’s

profile we find she is involved in at

least 10 different things that she

frequently sends out messages to her

so called friends and or “followers” list,

and rarely sends out anything of true

value to those she has in her contact

list she calls friends.

When we dig deeper we find that

more than half of her “followers” don’t

have a clue to what’s going on or how

to capitalize by being on Sally’s list. So

Sally may be happy with her little

commission checks she gets here and

there but in the end her followers

bleed their pockets to follow Sally and

have nothing to show for it.

Well, personally I’m not going to follow

what Sally is doing!

I am however, out to change the world

and make it a better place. So if you

have great input that is changing

peoples lives then I want to know about it,

and I would most definitely follow you,

if you build a good relationship!

To put things short if your selling

something online.. Stop It! Sell yourself..

Meaning, people have to

know like and trust you before they

will buy from you.

I follow people in different networks

that I belong to because, I like what

they are doing for others. So now you

know who

“To Follow or not to Follow.. Twitter,


If you are making a conscious

decision to help others get
what they want, you will eventually

succeed. You will also have all the

followers” you can handle without

letting anyone fall by the wayside and

(Unless they are just shy, and never

contact you)

Remember the tortuous and the hare?

Slow and steady wins the race!

Now the choice is up to you, If you

would like to capitalize from natural

health and wellness remedies, as well

as staying informed on what’s really

going on online then feel free to be
a follower of mine. Don’t expect me

to reciprocate right away and don’t

think I’m not watching what your

doing. LOL

Stay positive always!

If you can agree with this personal

message that I took time to personally

write, then give me a heck Yeah and

a great comment and share.

If not, I wish you the best, and ask

that you kindly remove yourself from

the information I share, because I

never want to be looked at as a


Last but not least, If I have offended

anyone by this post or any others I

have written, know that it isn’t and

never will be my my intention to hurt

anyone in any way.

I am a compassionate man on a mission.

Let me help you in yours.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and

sharing. **I have added a share link

on my blog for FaceBook in case you

would like to share with your contacts

that may not know me that can benefit

from the information I share.

Thanks for reading and thanks for


The Blakester
Robert Blakely
Skype: The-Blakester

P.s. I spent all day in the heat and

sun next to my pool just to bring this

information to you. I hope you find it

to be valuable.

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Feb 12th 2011 at 2:51 PM by surefireformula
Right on Robert.... I've found that Twitter is especially notorious for "spamming" followers. However, if we take your advice and share useful info, we're much better off. Good article and well put. I appreciate the message.
Nov 18th 2010 at 6:35 PM by bjfoot
Great article Robert! Keep it up, we'll probably all learn something from each other. And, that's not a bad thing. Best Regards! Brenda
Nov 4th 2010 at 8:27 AM by Siamak
Nice one, Robert! Thanks for following me, buddy! Oh, well said on almost everything on this page
Sep 21st 2010 at 7:26 PM by phmoisan
Thanks for the article. Lately, I see people sending me PMs here at IMfaceplate to talk about new opportunities. It's gettin bothersome. If they could all read your article and get the message. Philippe
Sep 21st 2010 at 1:57 AM by zzoltan
Excellent article,very educative

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