Tips for Taking Care of Mac

May 2nd 2014 at 12:01 AM

Mac is popular for its speed. That’s the reason why most of the people love it and use it. But with persistent use you will notice that sometimes there may be a slow down. What to do in that case? Well, as per there are some ways and means with which you can keep the Mac running with good speed. But as it is said that prevention is better than cure, here are some preventive measures that will help you save your day.

Take thorough back up

Time and again you should take proper backups. This is because you never know by mistake or by intention if you tend to make a system upgrade and if by chance all your data crashes then it would be really problematic for you. Thus it would be better to take complete back ups and store it at a safe place. You should take back up of SMS, images, data, vital files etc.

Take care of the battery

Since the smart gadget multi tasks you will never realize but the battery is getting diminished day by day. You need to be careful about it. If you feel that the programs running in the back stage are using too much of the battery then make sure that you shut down those program and use them only when you need. This will save your battery. This is true especially when you have to travel and charging your Mac is not practically possible. Some people never make it a point to change the batteries. Remember, batteries have a specific life span of may be a year or so depending upon the use. Thus if you feel that the machine has slowed down then make a check for the battery. Mere battery replacement may solve the issue. You can check such details on

Disable certain features to save the battery

If you are out then it should be seen that certain features are disabled. These features include backlit keyboard, blue tooth and wi-fi. Many people do not concentrate on these things and then finally one day they would start complaining about battery drains. Make sure that such features are disallowed when you are out. Also, power naps for your mac machines are vital from time to time. These things will help in cancelling the effect of battery drainage. If needed, you can also try the option of Service Battery. These are some of the options that one can try. There is one more vital tip that you should take care of while getting the batteries replaced. You should never change the batteries yourself. This is not safe. It needs proper guidance. Thus, if you are not a tech geek, then make sure that you show the machine to the specific technician, and let him change the battery. This is a matter of prime importance. You should keep yourself updated about what is happening in the tech world. Reading useful articles online about mac updates and all will give you knowledge about all the recent things.

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