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Tips for Avoiding Laptop Damage

Jun 23rd 2014 at 10:23 PM

Every one of us, well almost, uses a laptop these days but don’t take care of it enough to prevent damage. Having that portable machine in our hands, makes us think that we can misuse it, we use it placed in our laps, overcharge it, and worst of all encase it while travelling without properly shutting it off. All these are signs that you are damaging your laptop and decreasing its useful life. Sooner you will want to buy a new one. However if you follow the following tips, you will be able to save your money on laptop damage repair in Dallas, or elsewhere:

Avoid Keeping It Connected To the Charger

Most f us make the mistake of always keeping our laptop charger plugged in. while we think that it is charging our laptop and making it run efficiently, it is doing just the opposite. Overcharging the laptop destroys the battery and reduces it life. The time for which your laptop can run solely on battery, without being connected to a charger slowly starts to decrease, thus preventing you to use it without charging eventually. To make optimal use of your laptop, remove from charging when it is fully charged.

Also, if you leave your laptop drained of battery and don’t charge it for long periods of time it is equally damaging as keeping it charged all the time. It causes degradation of the battery’s chemicals.

Properly Shut It Down

Experts recommend that before putting your laptop away, you must shut it down properly. Most of us just close the slab and assume that the hardware will shut off eventually. While it will, it will damage the laptop internally. Make sure that before you put it away in the bag, it is properly shut down and the hardware is not in process. There is little air circulation when you close the laptop in the bag, which is extremely damaging to it.

Allow Air Circulation

If you use your laptop placed in your lap, prevent from doing so. It will not only slowly damage your health as there is extreme heat that is venting out of the machine when it is in use, but it is also damaging to your system when it does not get proper release. To ensure that the laptop does not get overheated, use a laptop cooling stand or elevate it from its flat position.

End Note

Laptop maintenance in Dallas is not limited and if you feel that your laptop is posing problems and not working properly, take immediate action to have it checked from a professional service provider who deals in all kinds of computer related problems.

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