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Nov 23rd 2015 at 12:44 AM

Predictive dialer software is something that call centres use in order to optimize their calls. It basically functions as something that connects the waiting call centre agents to potential customers automatically. This software has increased calling and answering efficiencies of the agents because of reduced waiting times while a call is answered by a customer. Typically, it is only a one in three chance that a promotional call will be answered, thus the agent wastes times calling all three one by one, which reduces efficiency. A phone dialer software does the job of dialing and connecting the agents only to the calls that have been answered, thus saving time.

A sales dialer software works on algorithms that analyse the company’s call statistics and the performance of agents. It uses this data to form a basis for predicting when the next call will be answered and which agent is going to be free to take it. It automatically connects the free agents to newly answered calls so that waiting times are reduced. This helps rake in more customers with each answered call. The more time an agent spends waiting is the time when no calls are being answered by him, which may result in loss of potential customers.

The dialer system increases efficiency of a call centre drastically. This happens because instead of making the agents dial the numbers and wait for the line to be answered, the dialer does this job for them. It means that only the connected calls are patched through to the agents that are waiting. As soon as they hang up, the will be connected to the next answered call promptly. If an agent was to spend a minute waiting on each dialed call to be answered, then that would result in a lot of wasted time and effort in the end if the call was not answered. The dialing software eliminates the requirement of this effort by utilizing the agents only to talk to potential customers and not having them do anything else.

Predictive dialing system can be called an offspring of the auto dialing system. While the auto dialer only automatically dials numbers for you, a predictive dialer goes one step ahead and discards unanswered calls while patching the connected ones to an agent. This way, the time an agent spends on call per hour is increased from only about forty-four minute to about fifty-seven minutes. More customer contact time means bringing in more potential buyers. This telemarketing technique is in popular use by almost every big company there is to name. Some do it through calls, some through SMS. Automation of this activity in a call centre has led to a frenzy of outbound calls per hour, increased contact times, increased sales and busier call agents. It helps to send out promotional information to more people in the same amount of time, which is a good marketing strategy. Automated predictive dialing is a revolutionary invention, and has helped boost sales of the organizations using it.

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