Take Measures To Ensure Your Mobile Transactions Are Secure

Jun 7th 2015 at 9:15 PM

You don’t need to stop transacting on your mobile phone due to security concerns. Take precautions to secure your mobile phone and your transactions will be safe.

Mobile phone manufacturers have found ways to customize mobile phones to perform more tasks than just communication. You can now use your mobile phone to make mobile payments. Yet with this functionality, comes security concerns. Mobile phones can be hacked or stolen and anyone who wants to cause you harm could gain access to your personal financial details through your smartphone or tablet. There are, however, several security measures that you can take to protect your information while transacting on your mobile phone or tablet.

First you should protect your mobile devices with passwords that are impossible for anyone to guess. In addition to using a strong password, you should also adjust the security settings on your phone so that it locks immediately to stop any activity on it. It only takes seconds for someone to gain access to your phone while you are pre-occupied; if you have set your phone to lock after one minute or more, you will be making it very easy for a thief to help himself or herself to all your data and to gain access to your shopping carts and bank accounts. You can also use biometrics or PIN codes to lock and unlock your phone. When transferring money from the ATM to your mobile phone, you should exercise extra security, so that people don’t see your debit card PIN or your mobile phone password. To find out about other services available to your mobile phone, you can search ATM India on your search engine.

You can ensure further security by storing your information on your phone in the right way and the right place. There are people who save their bank details, PINs and passwords, in their phone book. If you store such details on your phone, save them in an encrypted file. Further, you can secure your phone by only downloading apps from credible sources. You should only get your Apps from credible App stores as they are usually put through thorough security screening before they become available to users. Do not source for apps from independent stores as you can never be sure what they do in the background. Before you install any app, read app reviews and ratings to see what others say about them.

When doing online money transfers, you should only use a secure connection. It’s easy for hackers to gain access to the IP of your device when you are using public Wi-Fi networks. Even when using a private connection, encrypt it so that no one can gain access without your permission. Lastly, ensure any websites you transact on start with HTTPS, which implies the website is secure. Any data you pass through secure websites cannot be viewed by other machines. It also helps to use credible providers of payment services such as AGS Transact, which use credible software and respects the privacy of customer data.

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