Survival Gears For Solo Hiking

Aug 2nd 2015 at 10:28 PM

Hiking is an adventure most people admit to wanting to do but only very few actually do it the real deal way. Now hiking can be a fun group adventure to do either up the mountains or the woods, but it can be also an equally adventurous and challenging solo venture. When you are setting off into the wild, you need to be prepared for any situation that comes along. You can never be totally prepared but you need to try your best and when the time comes you need to address it with whatever means you have. Solo hiking or even traveling is more dangerous than group adventures for sure and that is why you also need to be extra careful when pushing yourself ahead for a solo adventure. Packing for a solo hike depends on what your needs are but nonetheless you cannot be casual about some absolutely necessary survival items. For instance, when you are solo hiking carrying a means of communication is a great survival gear. Here are three absolutely necessary survival gears for a solo hike. Note these are the absolute minimum - you will need more.

Three survival gears for a solo hike:

1. Alertness: The best survival gear in the wild when you are alone is senses. If you cannot distinguish danger and if your reflexes don’t act quickly enough then you can have problems in the wild in case of unexpected situations. When you are walking alone in the wild there are chances of getting mugged, attacked by people or wild animals, facing a natural disaster, losing your way and a lot more. You will need your alertness and senses in check for all that.

2. Easy first-aid kit: It sounds very basic but can be extremely helpful. Like, if you meet leeches in heavy numbers, get a cut and it bleeds, break a bone, get a bad blister, or other medical situation then even your basic first-aid kit can provide you with some essential and basic before you need to head back and get professional help. It is a must-have survival gear in the wild.

3. Communication tool: Like I said earlier, it is brave that you ventured out alone but foolish to go unprepared. You are not going to live in the wild forever and if you encounter some difficulties and you need to seek help having a communication tool like a cell phone or a satellite radio helps more than you can think. It is a very basic and very import survival gear for a solo hike.

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