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Stepping back in time to see the development of an ultrasound machine

Nov 16th 2015 at 4:08 AM

The history of ultrasound started with sound navigation and ranging (SONAR) for submarines and, it has been put to numerous uses, ever since. Some achieved success, others didn’t.

Ultrasound is nothing but a diagnostic technology. But looking back at its history, you will find that it has also been used for therapy. Since about 1940, sonographers and doctors have been taking images of the inside of the human body. And undoubtedly, today an ultrasound machine can be regarded as one of the most widely used diagnostic tools known to the medical fraternity.

Now, it’s time to look at some of the facts linked to the invention and development of this technology. It was in the year of 1826 that ultrasound testing came into practice. You can mark this as the year of the invention of ultrasound. And the person who was responsible for its invention was Jean-Daniel Colladen.Colladen was a Swiss physicist who had great passion for his work. He was trying to measure the speed of sound in water with the help of an underwater bell when ultrasound got invented. After Colladen’s invention, a lot of things happened that led to the modification of the original device. Through the entire 1800s, researchers studied about sound waves and how they get transmitted, propagated or refracted. In 1877, Rayleigh described the sound as a mathematical equation. It was the first time when someone linked sound to mathematics. He mentioned this relation in "the Theory of Sound". This created the foundation over which present work in acoustics is based.

Out of all the efforts that went into bringing ultrasound to where it is today, the one made by Karl Theo Dussik and his brother Friederich deserves a special mention. Dussik, who was a neurologist/psychiatrist by profession, put ultrasound into diagnostic use, in association with physicist brother Friederich. They tried to locate brain tumors by using this device and got A-mode images of the same. The images showed the middle of the brain as well as the sides of the skull. Every case that showed a shift in the middle line confirmed internal bleeding or the presence of tumor. The images were captured on heat sensitive paper.

Today, ultrasound technology is not restricted to benefiting human beings alone. Even health issues in animals are being diagnosed with this device.

If you are a vet, it is advisable to invest in such a device. Not only your pet patients, but also their owners will thank you for this. Find vet ultrasound systems online. Yes, you can look for them over the internet. There are many sellers who deal in different brands of vet ultrasound machines. Upon a decent search, you will be able to find the brand that suits your budget as well as other important requirements you might have.

And because it’s an expensive device, it’s important to make sure that the product comes with a guaranty or warranty. Any laxity on your part can cause you losses. Don’t let that happen. Be a responsible consumer and buy only a reputed and safety certified ultrasound machine.

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