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Some of our members got nerveous...

Oct 16th 2010 at 11:12 PM

Just an other blog post...

Some of our members at GreenWin! Network got alarmed and nerveous by the message below, published yesterday, Friday, October 15, 2010, because they fear that an important segment of prospects will break away and sign up already with Skype and/or Facebook because of their "marriage" and take advantage of the announced service.

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I see the whole thing very much more relaxed and told everybody to do the same. And here are my reasons why:
The Skype mobile Apps are - to my knowledge - not as good and as technologically advanced as they should be or were supposed to be; so for to make use of this service you still have to be at home at your computer and use Skpe from there.

It's only a matter of a very short time until the Telecoms Services of GreenWin! Network will go live (most probably next week already!). Once they do go live and you sign up with GreenWin! Network you will be able to:
a) Call anybody anywhere in the world for rates lower than Skype rates to most destinations and do that from your mobile cell phone,
and b) call anybody in the GreenWin! Network for FREE! No matter what time of the day, no matter how often you do that nor how long you will talk each time! It's always

FREE Unlimited Worldwide Phone Calls,
mobile and landline!

Due to the advanced technology used here also lobbyists, phonecompanies and/or goverments in countries where they want to prohibit or surpress VoiP calls cannot stop this service without completely cancel the Internet access by cell phones.

And the biggest advatage of GreenWin! over other "competitors" none of which has even come near yet to touch, and that's the Monetary Aspect:
As soon as you sign up for the Telecoms Service of GreenWin! Network you automatically become an Affiliate at no extra cost. So as soon as you tell somebody about this (what you definitely SHOULD and WILL do!) and that somebody signs up for the service you earn a commission. And also on the ones this somebody refers to the service and on the ones that somebody... 10 levels deep! Can you imagine the power of leverage and the amount of comissions you will earn once this goes viral (what it undoubtedly WILL!)?

And the best thing, what many always tend to "forget" while talking about GreenWin! Network's Telecom Services:

The Telecoms Service is just the beginning!

The first of many, literally dozens of services and products GreenWin! will launch over the next months and years! I only say:
Paid Conference Calls and Webinars (for up to 1,000 participants), Instant Messenger, Live Chat, Dating Service, Casino Games, SuperMall, GreenWin! Power,and many many more. And since you are an Affiliate of GreenWin! by having signed up "only" for the Telecoms Service you will earn commissions on any monetary activity any member in your 10-level downline (7-levels for the SuperMall) will undertake:

  • Someone in your fourth level buys a pair of shoes in the SuperMall = You earn a commission!
  • Someone in your nineth level uses the Instant Messenger to talk to a friend (in or out of GreenWin! Network) = You earn a commission!

  • In your sixth level someone feels lonely and uses the Dating Service = You earn a commission!

Once GreenWin! Network is rolling and your "Network" has started to grow, there will be no stopping to the earning anymore! Not even if you wanted to (but then again: Why would you want to stop an earning that you don't even need to do anything for?)

So... if any or all of the above said stimulated your "monetary phantasy" or "the accountant" inside of you as to how easy and how much money you could make when joining and how much money on your phone bills you could save when signing up for the Telecoms Service then please... feel invited to check out GreenWin! Network here:


You also may wanna watch this video:

SQIP to GreenWin! Network transformation

I would be pleased and honored soon to be able to welcome you in my Team!

Let The Success Always Be With You!

Cheers from Lima, Peru

Thomas Jungblut


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