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Social Networks

Oct 28th 2014 at 4:09 AM

Social networks are websites that allow people to connect with friends and even make new friends, virtually, and share content, interact, create communities of similar interests: working, reading, gaming, friendship, relationships, relationships commercial, etc. The rise of social networks goes back at least to 1995, when American Randy Conrad’s created the website With this network meant that people could recover or maintain contact with former classmates from school, college, university. In 2002 began to appear the first websites that promoted networking circles of online friends or relations in virtual communities. The popularity of these sites grew rapidly and was refined to form the space of social networking sites. Article Source By Mobile Application Development Company

Social networks continue to grow and rapidly gaining in popularity:

In these communities, an initial number of participants send messages to members of their own social network in general base contact email- inviting them to join the site. New participants repeated the process, and thus grow the total number of members and network links.

In social networking sites is promoted above all the ability to interact with other people, but not known personally. The system is open and dynamic and is built so that each subscribed to the network provides. Each new member enters the group contributes his own and transforms.

Mobile Application Development Company - Its growth has occurred not more than five years, in part due to advances in internet connections and the increase in the number of people with access to a computer. Hi5, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Orkut are the most popular social networks.

Facebook was originally created to encourage university networks; subsequently expanded to include high school students, professionals, and finally to all potential users of the internet. Unlike other social networks, Facebook users can only make public their profiles to other users of the site. Today maybe you have a Facebook profile? No doubt Facebook is the social network that attracts more users.

Twitter promotes the ability to be continuously informed briefly under the slogan Say it in 140 characters. What is happening? Is the question of the social network, which in a few years he went from being one of the services most preferred social networks.

MySpace was installed in 2003 and has differentiated itself from other sites that allow users to customize their pages. Teenagers were the early adopters, allowing them to create their own profiles. It is especially chosen by musicians and artists and is one of the most recommended sites for industrial relations in these areas.

Mobile Application Development Company - Orkut is a social network that promotes Google. Not one of the social networks used in Spanish-speaking countries, but in countries like Brazil, India or the United States is also well known, especially in university environments. Now any day with a Gmail account you can register. But some time it only came with an invitation from a registered user.

Hi5 was developed under the slogan your friends, your world and is ranked as one of the 40 most visited sites on the Internet.

Social Networking: Things to Know

What are they?

Social networks are online communities of people with common interests or activities. Connecting via Internet related contacts generated for both social and commercial purposes.

How do you enter a social network?

Simply sign up for free, fill out a form with personal data and start to associate with others. All you need is a valid email address.

How do they work?

Each registered user is a node which contacts are linked; in turn, the contacts of contact are also connected, and at a second level.

What are they?

Social networks are used to generate both reunions between former schoolmates or college that had lost contact as entertainment. Among other things, serve as a platform for self-promotion, as any in the network can read who you are, what you did, your ideas and projects.

Why are they so popular?

The success of virtual social networks lays in several factors, including the increased use of broadband in homes, the need to get together and know each other.

Whose using?

Who's using social networks are teenagers and young adults, usually university students and professionals with internet access. The interesting thing is that its usefulness is mutating as the increase that shape.

In Conclusion:
You have seen some issues related to the uses of social networking, but the best way to know what they do is join, explore and participate. Mobile Application Development Company - Below you will learn more about some issues related to social networks: If you want to see updates on social networking information, please visit Wikio, where developments are published: users, most popular photos, most popular profiles, etc. On Wikipedia you can find a list with all the social networks that exist on the internet, with users and other features. There are also social networking-focused educational, as Eduredes. Other items of interest: The Nation Chronicle Your Social Networks

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