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Resistive Screen Displays For Industrial Applications

Dec 2nd 2014 at 2:51 AM

When it comes to purchasing touchscreen monitor for industrial applications it makes sense to go for resistive technology. These are made of minimal 2 flexible sheet layers a top glass substrate. Coating of resistive material is present on the sheet and it remains separated using tiny dots. Upon pressing the touch screen, flexible layers come close by, generating resistance changes on both horizontal and vertical axis. Measurement of such resistance changes occurs through sensors present on screen edges with degree associated with the change determined as touch point.

Touch technologies can be of different types namely,

· Infrared

· Capacitive

· Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)

· & more

What are the benefits associated with this resistive technology associated with human machine interface, which makes them ideal for industrial applications?

It fulfills the sealing requirement

Resistive touch screens are also waterproof in most cases, which keep them immune from the various industrial hazards that may damage the traditional computer screens. Resistive sensors meets the various standards related to environmental exposure and remain sealed easily within industrial display bezel. Optical technologies as infrared do not allow such easy sealing so remain susceptible to various malfunctions especially in dirty environments. Technologies that use acoustics may also suffer when bonded with sealing enclosure especially in cases where such kind of bonding leads to transformation in the glass acoustic properties.

Zero glass exposure

Industries especially those relating to Food & Beverages maintain strict policies that do not allow exposed glasses in the operations area. This is extremely important too because chipping off glass pieces lodged within material pose big hazards for customers which can cause permanent blot on a brand name. So, only resistive touch screen display can work well in such controlled settings, with their outer strong polycarbonate layer, and an improved scratch resistance.

Effective functioning with styluses and gloves

In any industrial setting, using your fingers for touch screen operations may not be possible because both operators and workers need to wear gloves in such a controlled environment. While your regular touch screen may also work with styluses, it may not be that effective when compared to the resistive screens. Their design is specifically for use in an industrial atmosphere and as such respond quite well and quickly with a gloved finger or stylus as it does with the naked hand. This is possible because resistive screens uses pressure sensitive technology. This signifies that anything that presses to the panel PC touch screen translates into a touch operation.

Resistive touch screen options

Manufacturers may design your resistive touch screen in keeping with the specific requirement of the industry. For example, if you so desire, your resistive screen may come with a separate scratch card or an extra glass in the outer layer making it extremely strong and durable able to withstand all kinds of impact. Simple screen protectors will also be there if the hazards in the environment are not that critical.

Those, who want to know more about resistive screen displays, have only to visit the website

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Timothy Parker is a computing technology expert who believes touchscreen monitors and HMI to be the epitome of convenience and versatility. He recommends as the name to bank upon for all your touch panel PC requirements. Visit for more information on touchscreen monitors.

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