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Reasons Why New Smartwatch Can Be A Great Platform For Gaming Apps

May 22nd 2015 at 2:28 AM

Games are predicted to have a strong demand for entertainment developed for the wearable. Smartwatch games can be a bigger platform as long as the developers don’t port smartphone titles to the platform.

The game is an agile medium and they can be incorporated anywhere. Humans are natural players and with the gradual rise of the smartwatch, games have played a limited role till date. The Pebble and the Android devices are mostly filled with the fitness and other applications and the devices are small and are attached to the user.

There are many games that do not require the user to run and they have been mostly restricted to the simple classics like Pan-Man, Tetris, etc.


Apple – The Top Gaming Company

Apple accidently became one of the top gaming companies in the year 2008 and the introduction of Apple store removed the long-term barriers for the software developers. Apple comes with an earthquake of hype and it accompanies the interest of the fresh developers. Now Apple is going to convince its users to buy the smartwatches.

The future of smartwatch gaming is to reduce the use of smartphones. They are short session devices with low precision controls and the interfaces have to be very simple.

Apple is allowing the 3rd party developers to create apps for the watch and it is pretty sure that most of these apps will be games. The managerial simulation games like Title Challenge and various tiles based games are best for the iWatch as they have simple controls and they require a less processing power as well and it is the biggest advantage.

Simplicity Virtue

The limiting form factor and the interface capabilities of smartwatches are enough to generate new ideas. Most of the game developers like the new modes of interaction and control. Apple is emphasizing different ways of communicating through the watch.

The biggest challenge for the developers is to design the games for small platforms like a single screen as small as the watch.

A Biometric Sensor Technology

The gaming experience will be improved by sophisticated sensor inputs through a smartwatch. It is great for playing casual games, but what if the watch could scan the biometrics. Using GPS, the smartwatch might be able to detect the user at a favorite grocery store.

The intricate change of the body’s biofeedback and the algorithmic calculations of the watchable OSwill together they lead to a beautiful experience.

The iWatch will allow you to play the game in an interface that is enough to prevent attracting unwanted attention. Bluetooth technology can also tap into the headset for the sound delivery. The smartwatch will free the user’s hands to reach anywhere.

Game Innovation

Biometric sensors will also make the game of daily activity and the user is not required to look at the watch to play.

The wearable games will help the users to promote a healthy lifestyle. Wherever games exist, gamers will always want to play them. The beauty of smartwatches is that they allow the games to travel with users and enjoy the convenience of having to hold a phone or tablet in their hands.

Apple will bridge the gap and elevate wrist-based gaming to widespread popularity as most of the developers will take advantage of these devices and bring play experiences for the users.

The iWatch is bringing a rise in companion apps for many games. It would be quite possible for the games like Clash of Cans to have a companion app on the iWatch. This can also be used to create a mini command center on the wrist in order to launch attacks on other players. Companion apps need not to be limited to the mobile games only.
The major USP of Apple iWatch is that it is easily accessible and compact as well.

Full Contact

Smartphones are enriched with accelerometers in order to sense movements. They also have Wi-Fi connectivity to allow multiplayer connection to the device.

The smartphone is physically attached to the body and it’s perfect for tag-style games. Delivering the experience of a smart phone can feel cumbersome and it may slow down and the focus of the play. A watch can absorb the player’s new details just by looking at the watch on the wrist.

Smartphone Gaming to Smartwatch Gaming

There is a great opportunity for the smartphone games to be enhanced by the smartwatch. Here are the differences in both.

Smartwatches are more accessible than the smartphone devices.

Smartwatches can track the biometrics better than the smartphones.

Smartphones are difficult to handle and smartwatches can be worn in a variety of activities.

Many mobile games include several styles of play that require attention and time commitment. Several of the game activities could prove to be simpler on the smartwatch as compared to the smartphone in order to allow on-the-go play.

Smartwatch Gaming Success and the Accessibility for the Developers

The future of smartwatch gaming depends on easy programming requirements for the developers.

The start of the gaming app revolution depends on the apps that could be developed for the market share of mobile phone devices. There are many developers who want to reach enough gamers in order to get rewarded for the time and investment.

It is necessary to shake the market in order to be able to reach a number of potential gamers. Now the developer does not need to be connected to a major publisher in order to get their work in front of the users.

Apple had the wind in their sails as an early trend-setter and the high demand helped the manufacturer set the mobile gaming requirements as compared to the other developers. They have enjoyed success that very few device manufacturers have been able to achieve. It is necessary for other manufacturers to create as simple as possible to provide a great user experience in games.

Success and Future of Wearable

Most of the watchable will succeed where the devices like Google Glass have suffered. Smartwatches are the most personal and intimate devices as they are worn on the wrist.

Google Glass is not widely accepted and it hit a nerve that we are struggling within our internet growing pains. Smartwatches will have the emotional IQ and they will be able to sense the environment without crossing the heavy line. The games will serve more and contribute to the user depending on the situation.

There will be a hurdle that the mobile gamers are mostly used to freemium games and advertising on a 2-inch screen will be a challenge for the advertisers. Monetizing the game with in-app purchases is difficult when it requires a nearby phone in order to complete the transaction.

Smartwatch games may have an interesting future beyond the amazing fitness apps with point systems. The developers need to embrace their limitations and the hype will soon surround Apple’s entry into the gaming market and this will certainly boost the developers need as well.

iWatch is going to be the harbinger of some sort of revolution in gaming. It will bring a transition of a game from one type to another and the users will see a bigger future for gaming on the Apple watch and other wearable tech devices as well.

Author Bio

Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing android application development company. The current innovation and updates of the field lures him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.

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