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Plasma or LCD?

Nov 23rd 2012 at 6:40 PM

A plasma TV or an LCD. To be your honest, and more That Continually manufacturers bombard us with ads Alleged That show the advantages of Both technologies, I am Convinced That MOST have nothing clear the Characteristics of each, so I got down to work and I made a little guide Which I have practice in the Basic Differences Between Summarized one system and another. I hope you find it useful:

To begin, it Should be emphasized plasma screens That Creates fluorescent light from the excitation of a deposit Which is present in all and each of the millions of single pixels That make up the image.

Meanwhile, LCD screens are made of Thousands of tiny liquid crystals allow light or blocked based on the charge That Applied to them.

Traditionally, manufacturing technology allowed larger plasma TVs, but the gap is shrinking and we can find Rapidly large format LCDs and plasmas Also very Contained dimensions. In this regard, it Should be NOTED That When buying our new TV Should not get carried away by the siren song of the vendors or see the ads in newspapers or online and choose a model with proportions fit the hall in That Which we will place.

If we choose the TV is very big and the room where we place is tiny, sitting too close and end up looking pixelated images. ACCORDING to the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), the minimum distance at Which We place ourselves has to be twice the width of the screen, and the maximum can not Exceed Five times the measure.

In general, plasma Greater offer deeper blacks and contrast with full gray scale. Also, the response time, That is, the period Between a pixel and a color sample is ready to teach other, is lower. This last feature is very important When we are looking at moving objects Images that are at high speed, Such as a free-kick in a football game, Because if the response time is not high ball with Sufficient panel display clarity. In the next picture is very well appreciated what I try to explain:

In Referring to the brightness or luminosity, the performance you get will depend on the conditions of Where They LG 42LS5700 end up Placing the screen. THUS, We Must Consider That in rooms with large windows where there is a constant input of sunlight is preferable to have an LCD, by contrast, the plasma performs better in poorly lit.

The viewing angle is another point to bear in mind. If we ever see the TV from the front, no problem, but if you have a couch or a chair a tad heeled to the screen, it is more advisable to take a look at the Services Offered by the manufacturer before deciding on a model or another. Generally, the plasma have Greater viewing angles, but each case is different, so it is best That You check the Characteristics of the Monitors That You have intention to buy.

When lit, the LCD panel Remains an illuminated at all times and Their consumption is always the same. In contrast, in the case of a plasma energy That needs to function depends on the type of image That is displayed. So, the more pixels are on higher consumption and vice versa. Anyway, it is Considered That consumes half the LCDs Between 10% and 20% less than the plasma.

The life span of the LCD is 50,000 to 60.000 hours roughly the equivalent of having the TV on 5 hours a day for the next 27 years. In the case of plasma, the quality of the image begins to show signs of fatigue from 30.000 to 40.0000 hours.

One last point I would make Is that some called plasmas suffer burn-When They show a still image, Such as a channel logo or the upper and lower bands That Appear in the movies-for long, This Will Be Causing marked in the display.

Well, so far this guide. I hope You have served to make you a better notion of the features, advantages and asicomo of the disadvantages of each of These technologies. As you can see, Both LCDs and plasmas have strengths and drawbacks Their. The final choice will depend on the features That valoréis, The Size That has the room in Which you plan to place the screen and, of course, the budget That You Can Spend.

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