PERL Scripting – Learn a Powerful Programming Language to Become a Powerful Professional!

Dec 2nd 2014 at 4:50 AM

Learning PERL scripting has a myriad and benefits and associated job opportunities. This is the technology of choice in legacy systems, statistical analysis, Unix system administration, network prototyping, and security prototyping. PERL has pre-written modules, flexible, highly portable and easy to learn. A strong developer community backs this technology with frequent enhancements, bug fixes, upgrades and so on. Learning this programming technology is endowing oneself with a lifetime skill that will never cease to grow.

What is PERL scripting?

This is a programming language that is on par with technologies such as PHP and Python. It is a dynamic, high-level and interpreted technology. The syntax is derived from shell scripting tools. This scripting language is ideal for combining scripts and programs, amongst its numerous other uses. It is used extensively for processing text data. Being highly portable, and well-supported, developers around the world know that with PERL there are numerous way to achieve a solution. Therefore, it is a very flexible technology as well.

What is PERL Object Environment?

This is a library of PERL modules. It is used for general purpose multitasking. Also included is a network framework that provides a series of packages and interfaces for implementing network solutions. The PERL Object Environment is considered to be similar to a modular operating system, a miniature version of it. POE programs, many of them simultaneously, can be run on it. The principles of this environment and how to use and when can be learnt in a 6 month Industrial Training. Most employers require candidates to have knowledge in this area.

Some myths about this programming language

PERL is definitely not a lesser known technology. But due to lack of knowledge, there are some myths that are in circulation.

PERL is hard to learn

Since PERL is a powerful programming language, the general impression is that it is hard to learn as well. If someone knows a bit of C, it is easy to get started with this technology. Even better is to have some Unix shell scripting experience, which provides a background to learn PERL. Even if someone is totally new to programming, they can learn this technology at a training institute in a matter of months.

PERL is only for Unix

PERL supports more than 70 operating systems. There are porting projects that enable this technology to be used for any operating system. PERL can run on any computer. That makes this technology among the most, if not the most, portable programming language in the world.

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