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* My interests include fishing
* hiking
* rock climbing
* photography ( my pictures will come online soon) food and cooking
* fine wine and spirits
* fine art and antiques
* I also enjoy working on home projects. I am also a musician and composer.
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OK, I'm Ready To Hear Everything You've Got To Say About Your Business, So Start Talking....

Nov 23rd 2010 at 10:10 AM

Well?, I can't hear you!!!

That's how it used to be back in the days of Web 1.0...

The Human Voice has been used as a sales instrument since the very early days of our existance. We most likely used our earliest vocal capabilities to convince other Humans not to eat us, but it was only a short time later that we really learned to learned to promote ourselves and gain the higher positions in our respective tribes, so we could have an opportunity to make the best choices in mates, housing and food...

OK, I know that that premise might sound a little bit sketchy at best, but my study of ancient cultures only goes back to the 60's or so, and my memory chips are starting to fade .... :)


Good Golly Mr. and Miss Molly!

Your marketing and sales efforts don't have to be as stiff and lifeless as they used to be!

There are so very many ways to add LIFE to your ads these days, that it's almost sure to fry a few brain cells when  you do a search and come up with few thousand of 'em!

Lately, I have been considering the elevation of my art career through a series of spoken-word podcasts that would not only be an instant delight to my fans, but also would allow my most lilting vocal tones to annoy the heck out of the few (thousand) critics that I might have....

The fact that I have found a lot of resources that can do this for me for free is also a boon to my feverish little plans of World Domination, as my budget could use a break these days.


I don't want this article of mine to seem like an outright advertisment, so I'm going to unselfishly list a link to a few of the free podcast sites to help you all get going:

The little banner below is a site that I have affiliated with for some pretty good reasons, so I'm going to ask that you give it a look-see, and a tryout (it's free) and I'd love to hear your voice! :)


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