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New Age Video Surveillance

Dec 17th 2015 at 9:05 PM

Video surveillance system has come of age in the modern times with a number of options available to increase the security for people in premises. These can be camera records as the traditional methods to keep tab or DVR and video alerts. These will send direct calls to the mobile phone of the owners. Companies also provide trained monitoring with video streams accessed remotely. Commercial facilities can now breathe easy with remote monitoring taking care of things for them. Review-and-record model is extremely popular where you can go through the happenings using the playback mode of the video.

Primarily forensic tools, it will allow you to go back to the exact time when the required event occurred. You can catch everything from simple acts of vandalism like graffiti on the wall to instances of trespassing and unauthorized entry. You can seize the culprits and even identify the loopholes in the security of your premises besides fulfilling the obvious purpose of preventing theft and vandalism. Mostly reactive approach, you will be able to know what happened only after things have occurred.

In order to get the best results it is important to have high quality of video and resolutions to make identification possible. Higher resolution and frame rate also means increased storage capacity. Nowadays, things have gone beyond the simple record-and-review model with its limitations to introduce on-site, live camera monitoring. Matrix live view allows you to view what is going on as captured by the different cameras on a single central screen for review purposes.

Such modern video surveillance systems allow you to know about things as they are happening in real time. Thus, whenever one identifies the threat they can take immediate preventive measures to stop that from happening. Still, these have low reliability and high associated costs. Also, attention span of people decreases through constant viewing towards the monitor. Studies show that this happens after only 20 min. Any laxity in surveillance means a chance for the unsavory elements to get on with their purpose.

For small to medium-sized businesses that require something better and more cost-effective, remote surveillance is the in thing these days. Here you can rely upon a professional agency to offer security and guard your premises and the things within. Even when the owners are not there to look after everything, there is 24x7 security from expert agencies responsible for surveillance. Video Internet streaming makes this possible and you will be able to view whatever is going on at your facility from any location as well. They surely are going to give you complete peace of mind and ensure that everything is well with your business and vital assets.

Media alert self-monitoring is another option available to the modern businesses. When an event occurs, these will send automatic notifications or e-mails to the people in charge. Whenever something unauthorized happens you will be able to know about it in real-time with such alerts.

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VoiceMine Technologies specializes in managed services for large complex call centers and the large enterprise as well as Avaya cloud. They have certified Techs that can service and maintain most any brand of Voice or Data equipment, Toshiba, Mitel, Panasonic, NEC, Cisco, HP, and many others.

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