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Mike Scinto Conservative American

Jul 10th 2013 at 6:52 PM
Mike Scinto Conservative American
**As it appeared in the Kettering-Oakwood Times and other Times Community Newspapers** I remember it was a very hot summer day, much like the ones we are experiencing now. It was sometime in the mid 1990s. I had been out in the heat much of the day and needed air conditioning and a cold drink. I f... Don't take this as a lack of support of Mitt Romney or anybody else BUT, isn't it a shame that in a nation of 300 million folks, we usually have to end up "settling" for a candidate we elect? There's no absolute leader who is above reproach and transcends politics to standout as an obvious leader o... If this report is true, anything that has Joe Paterno's name on it needs to be renamed. His family needs to be stripped of everything and EVERYBODY at Penn State who can be proven to have covered up needs to be locked away for life! Penn State needs to be booted from the Big 10 and in fact if they... I had to take my mother's and father's drivers licenses away. In the case of my mother, in her 80s, she ran her car into a ditch and got a ticket. I went to the court and suggested they make her take a driving test as part of her sentence/fine. She knew she couldn't pass it. In the case of my fathe... From the Kettering-Oakwood Times and other Times Community Newspapers There’s been, and will continue to be, much chatter about the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare. We’re in the middle of one of the most contentious Presidential campaigns I can remember. Record numbers of Americans ar... From the Kettering-Oakwood Times and other Times Community NewspapersThere are many conservatives angry at the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare. Many of those same conservatives feel Chief Justice John Roberts, in “siding with” the liberal arm of Court,Washington Redskins T shirts, betrayed those who felt he was a sound conservativ... From the Kettering-Oakwood Times and other Times Community Newspapers We’re living in an age where a new miracle drug for this disease, or that condition, is coming on the market every week or so. If you can hang on long enough with your ailment, there’ll be one for yours. It would be great if it s...
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