Measures to take to prevent identity theft

Sep 20th 2015 at 10:32 PM

Most people never think about it until it happens to them or someone close to them but identity theft can be quite a huge problem to have and deal with. Identity theft is much worse than a normal theft of your personal property. With identity theft, your whole life can be at stake because the identity thief uses your name to rob from you continuously and may even do illegal things that could tarnish your good name further. With normal theft, once the incident has happened, you can usually quickly recover and move on from the event. However, with identity theft, you will often not find out what is going on for a long time. Even after you find out, you will be in a state of limbo until the perpetrators can be apprehended because it may be difficult to prove that you are innocent. If you want to avoid the inconveniences and ill effects of identity theft, then you need to avoid putting yourself in a position where getting your identity stolen is likely. Below are some suggestions for how you can avoid identity theft.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that the ATM machine that you are using is safe and in a location that you can trust. These days, white label ATMs are more widely available, so knowing how to distinguish one that may be operated by crooks and one that is operated by honest business men will be quite important. Using your intuition as well as using an ATM machine that you can trust will be quite important. Once you get to an ATM machine that you can trust, the next thing will be to ensure that there are no shoulder surfers around you. This simply means that you should ensure that there is adequate space between you and the person behind you, so that they cannot see you punching in your ATM Pin code. Additionally, you should note anything that looks odd around the ATM including, cameras in odd places or any difficulty in pushing in the ATM card. If you notice anything odd, contact someone at the bank or ATM vendor and look for a different ATM machine to use.

The other tips that you need to have in mind, include safely carrying any documents that could be used in identity theft. For instance, avoid carrying a check book with signed leaves and also avoid carrying your personal identification information in the same place with the rest of your credit cards and bank cards. Additionally, your bank cards should only be accessible through a PIN number and should require special authorization to be used online. This may be inconvenient for you at first but in the grand scheme of things your safety should be more of a priority than your convenience, if you have to have an ATM or any other type of bank card, aside from making direct cash deposits and cash withdrawals from the bank.

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