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Marlon Kobacker Brings Revolution In Green Buildings

Sep 24th 2015 at 12:17 AM

The demand and need of green building is immensely growing. Construction of buildings or infrastructure using environment friendly and biodegradable substances is commonly referred to as Green Building or construction. It is also known as Sustainable Building. All the processes involved in the construction, design, operation, maintenance and restoration are environmentally responsible. The market for the sustainable use of energy came into existence when the people realize the need of protecting the environment. There are many other associated benefits such as cost efficiency.

Green buildings have brought about a new wave of technological development. Marlon Kobacker has worked efficiently in the field of sustainability. ESD Company has employed Senior ESD Consultant Marlon Kobacker to assist in the green building project. The objective of the construction of green buildings is to reduce the impact of hazardous constructions on human health and environment.

Features of green buildings-
Senior ESD Consultant Marlon Kobacker has played a key role in the development of green building project. With his help there have been great improvements in the project. Following are the features set up for green buildings:
•    They efficiently use energy, water, solar energy and other resources
•    Protects the health of the  occupants and helps improvement in the productivity of the employees
•    It helps in reducing waste, residue, pollutants and environmental degradation.
•    They are more economical in long term and durable
•    They reduce hazardous impact on environment.

Goals for construction of green building-
Marlon Kobacker ensured that following goals have to be met for the construction of green buildings:
•    Should reduce impact on environment- Green construction aims to reduce the impact of building on environment. Since, construction is almost always harmful, green building is preferred as it reduces harmful impact on environment.
•    The buildings should be as small as possible and cover minimum land area
•    The buildings should be sturdy, durable, energy efficient and environmentally healthy.
•    They are should be energy efficient.

Green buildings attract more and better tenants-
Experts, like senior ESD consultant Marlon Kobacker, say that green constructions attract better residents. Marlon Kobacker is an expert of Australian firm Cundall. He further explained that green constructions are future-proofed against inflation and increasing utility costs. These buildings are highly profitable and the future of low carbon construction.

One of the best strategies is to implement a solar building design in a less efficient energy homes. Stylish orient casement and ramparts and place canopies, terraces, and trees or plants to shadow window and roofs during the summer while capitalizing on solar will add in the season of winter too. In addition, efficient window position for extra day lighting will add more of natural sun light; perhaps this will relatively reduce the need of electricity in the home. Solar water heating are great options which will further reduce the cost of energy for the owners. If someone requires more energy efficient homes, they can adopt for onsite generations of renewable energies as the power generation energy as more expensive in comparison to the renewable energy. Wind power, solar power and hydro thermal power are the some options available. This will also reduce the harmful impact on the environment.

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