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Manuals for Chip Making Machinery Manual

Nov 24th 2014 at 9:06 PM

Chip Making Machinery

There are a lot of processes involved in the process of chip manufacturing. The process of chips manufacturing involve cutting, peeling, frying and various another process. The different set of machines used for the execution of these different processes of manufacturing of snacks and food that most likely chips are called chip making machinery. The machines are most of the times used for manufacturing of potato chips in the factories of very large food chains like Lays, Pringles and many others. There are different manufacturers of these machines but all of them generally manufacture the same type of machinery.

Manufacturing of potato chips or any other chips involves the following processes:

Peeling – In the manufacturing of a potato chips, this process includes peeling of a raw potato with the help of and emery lining in the part which the raw potato is feeded. The machine used for this is called a Peeler Machine.

Cutting – In this process, the chips are sliced. This is done with the the help of a cutting plate. There are different types of cutting plates namely sally plate, raffle plate etc. Each of them are used to cut the the raw material in different shapes. The machine is called a Cutting Machine and there are two types of cutting machine: Manual and Automatic.

Drying - The sliced potatoes are washed to keep it clean. And then, they are dried manually. The excess water is removed using a centrifugal machine. They are called drying machine.

Frying – The most important part of the process is frying. The chips are fried with the help of a burner working on kerosene or diesel. The machines used are called Fryers.

Flavoring – Flavoring Machines are used for adding different flavors like spices and sweets for the chips.

Packing – Packing machines are used to fill packets with chips so that they can be ready to be sold. They can be both manual and automatic.

These are the different processes and machines involved in the manufacturing of chips. You have to be aware of each of these processes clearly before working machinesinvolved. You will have to know the machineries that conduct these processes in and out. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of problems for you. For this, you will need a certain set detailed and informative chip making machinery manual. They should also very user friendly. They will include the basics of making of chips to the complex process. Industrial manuals have a huge list of manualsthat will help you with the process ofmanufacturing.

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