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LED display applications, you know?

Mar 23rd 2015 at 2:32 AM


In some larger cities, streets and occasionally can see the LED display, LED display for, I believe many people are not familiar with. But to see the kind of life, after all, is only part of the LED display, LED display applications and much more than we normally have seen.

Before 1990, the growth of the LED display formative years. On the one hand, restricted material LED devices, LED display applications not widely expanded, on the other hand, the display control technology is basically a communication control mode, the objective affecting display. LED display during this period wider application in foreign and domestic few products with red, green two-color-based control mode for communication control, gray level 4 to level single-point tone gray, relatively high cost of the product.

1990-1995, this stage is the period of rapid development of LED display. In the 1990s, the rapid growth of the global information industry, information technology continue to make breakthroughs in various fields, LED display in LED materials and control technologies are also emerging new results. The successful development of blue LED chip, full-color LED display to enter the market; computer and technological development in the field of microelectronics, the display control technology appeared in the video control technology, display gray level to achieve 16 gray and 64 gray-tone gray, dynamic display screen is greatly improved.

Since 1995, LED display development has entered a steady improvement of the overall industrial structure adjustment and improvement of the period. Meanwhile, LED display industry internal competition, the emergence of many small and medium enterprises, product prices fell sharply, broader application areas, the product of a series of new problems in terms of quality, standardization and other aspects relevant for the development of the LED display take it seriously and make the appropriate standards and guidance, the current work in this area is gradually deepened. China's LED display industry after years of development, the basic form of a number of backbone enterprises of a certain size.

LED display applications in many fields of the social economy, including:

1, securities trading, financial information display. LED display in this area accounted for more than 50 percent in previous years, domestic demand for LED display, LED display is currently still the main needs of the industry. Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the National Vanguard securities, financial business institutions made extensive use of LED display.

2, airport flight information display. Civil Aviation Airport Construction requirements for information display is very clear, Rental LED display is the Flight Information Display System FIDS (Flight information Display system) preferred product, the Capital Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Haikou Meilan Airport, Zhuhai Airport, Xiamen airport, Shenzhen Huangtian Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and the dozens of new and expanded domestic airports are equipped with LED display products.

3, port, station passenger information display guide. LED display as the main information systems and broadcasting system, the train to the hair reveals the system, ticketing and information systems constitute the passenger hub of automation systems, the Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Nam Cheong Station, Dalian and other domestic important railway stations and ports products and systems have been installed to provide domestic manufacturers.

4, stadium information display. LED display manufacturer has replaced the traditional light bulb and CRT display, forty-third World Championships in Tianjin Sports Center for the first time made use of color video LED display, have been widely praised, many domestic Shanghai Sports Center, Dalian and other important stadium Stadiums have been adopted as the primary means of LED information display screen.

5, road traffic information display. The rise of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in the field of urban transport, highways and other, LED display as variable information boards, speed limit signs, etc., substitute similar foreign products, has been widely used.

6, the dispatch center information display. Power dispatch, vehicle dynamic tracking, vehicle scheduling and management, has gradually made of high-density LED display.

7, business promotion and information postal services, telecommunications, shopping malls and other service sectors show. Service areas across the country have made LED display to play a role in the information display.

8, advertising media new products. In addition to a single large indoor and outdoor displays as advertising media, some cities appeared in the cluster LED display advertising system; train LED display advertising system has also been adopted in the country dozens of passenger trains and are promoting.

LED display applications is not limited to the above, with the progress of the LED display technology, Best LED displays are beginning to use in the aerospace field, indoor security. Small hot word spacing is nearly two years, a small pitch LED display in the indoor field is gradually widely used. I believe that soon, a small pitch LED display will occupy an important position in the room, bringing rapid development of LED display.

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