Key Considerations When Designing A Business Card For A Home Business Owner

Jun 19th 2015 at 1:28 AM

Most corporate executives in large organisations view having and dishing out a business card quite differently from your ordinary home based business entrepreneur. For one, a corporate executive who is part of a large organisation doesn’t need to think about any design elements and additional utilities that the business card could bring. A business executive is more focused on passing contact information through the business card. As long as the card looks decent, the corporate-type person won’t give the business card much thought. This is however not the case with a home based entrepreneur. For someone who is the creative, HR, finance, and CEO all in one, the mind-set is in a whole different place as compared to a corporate-type executive with a huge structure of systems and people to stand behind. As a sole decision maker, a home business maker has to think about everything in a very detailed way. He or she has to think about how the business card will impact how others view the business and the impressions that the business card will make. In essence, to a home business owner, a business card is more than just a tiny card that passes information. It is also a way to initiate a conversation and have a relationship. The challenge therefore becomes, how to do all this in the tiny space that the business card can afford.

If you didn’t already know, it is possible to get help, not only to design, but to also do business card printing online. This can be of tremendous help to a home business owner who not only has to think about running their business, but who also has to do other important tasks involved in the day to day running of the business. An online solution can also be a more cost effective solution due to the economies of scale, competition and the cheaper costs of design and production. If you still want to be more involved in the whole design and printing process, you need to consider the following. First of all, you need to story board your business card. This simply means that you need to have in mind what message your business card is passing when you hand it over to someone. For this, you need to consider your branding, your business activities, and your contact details. All this should be done seamlessly and in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

The next thing is to put this storyboard in a business card through proper design. When using an online company, this process is often easier than what most people think. If you already have a business logo, all you have to do is follow a wizard in most online business card solutions in order to come up with a design that suits you. For corporate business card design, it may be even easier because you won’t have to consider colour schemes and other things because these have most likely already been thought about. Once you have put all this together in the online business card company, the printing and delivery is often a breeze.

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