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Is technology killing tradition ?

Oct 23rd 2011 at 6:25 PM

When I was young there wasn't an internet and computers took up so much space they were thought impractical . Most televisions in homes were still in black and white and cars only had A.M. radios . It wasn't until the mid seventies that we were told computers were going to be in every house and they would invade every business all over the world . Along with computers our standards of measure were going to slowly change to the metric system . Most people chuckled at this idea knowing that it took a football field of space to house a computer and a centuries old measure would not easily be replaced .

Here's the history of technology as I watched it change lives forever . We've gone from black and white t.v.'s to color no more rabbit ear or outdoor antenna's . Can anyone remember wrapping aluminum foil around the antenna  and twisting and turning them to get the channel you wanted ?  If you had an outdoor antenna there was a chain of family members from the t.v. to the guy outside relaying which way to turn the antenna or to stop when the channel was clear . Now there are L.C.D. , D.L.P. , C.R.T. and plasma t.v.'s even the way we receive our signal has totally changed from analog to digital . No more antenna's now you have cable , satellite or you can use your phone line .

A.M. radio is no longer used but still exists long since replaced by F.M. and F.M. stereo . And we seen the advent of eight track players to cassette to C.D.'s . Now there's satellite radio and talk of no more antenna radio broadcasting that before long we'll all have satellite or no radio .

The world wide web is a real and virtual environment alive and well and there is a computer in every home . Long gone are rotary dial phones replaced by touchtone and a cell phone has invaded every home .

So what you might say . Well here is the problem no more free t.v. but you still have to sit through commercials and soon no more free radio .

It's my belief that technology should enhance the traditional and old ways of doing things not replace them . E-mail has become so popular nobody writes a letter anymore and the Postal Service is in dire straits of being replaced forever . There is nothing more personal than a hand written hand delivered letter  and no service more reliable than the U.S. Postal Service . Now schools are in the process of taking cursive writing out of their curriculum all together saying things should be typed on computer and printed . An individuals hand writing contains his very essence , all his character is projected through his writing and to lose this is a tragedy .

And one last question to pose to everyone what will happen when the computer crashes or satellites fall or God forbid the power grid goes off ? Please don't get me wrong I love technology and the internet but we need to use technology responsibly . Take cellphones for example , how many traffic accidents have been caused by people texting or talking while driving . Young people are strapped to their cellphones even at work , sorry but multi tasking doesn't work something or someone is going to suffer for this .

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Feb 4th 2012 at 5:54 PM by blackfolder1
I so could not agree with you more! Even though I sell smartphones, I myself did not get onto the "technology bandwagon" until just a few years ago. Now I've got all you can have but still fondly remember when I was in grade school one day and they showed us a "pushbutton" telephone and said soon we would all have these- we were flabbergasted- you did'nt have to dial it! And what about pay phones? Remember those? Airports and such used to have "phone banks". They are sometimes still there, just minus the phones. And I used to love my Am radio in my Rambler American. Thanks for the memories!

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