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Install water descaler to get rid of limescale problems

Nov 27th 2014 at 9:30 PM

Limescale problem is very common in  the United Kingdom. Almost 60% of the population of the UK live in the hardwater area. Water with high salt and mineral contents, like magnesium and calcium has several damaging effects.

Some of the common problems  are:

  1. Reduces the performance and life of home heating appliances.
  2. Increases the electricity bill.
  3. Damages the bathroom look
  4. Increase hair fall problem
  5. Dryness of the skin.
  6. And much more…

It is for this reason, water treatment become the need of every individual living in the hardwater area. There are several methods available for water descaling.  Electronic and Magnetic water conditioner are the two units that are widely used to eliminate and reduce the limescale formation in the water. Read on to learn what are  electronic and  magnetic descaler? How it works? What they do and their pros and cons.

Magnetic water conditioner

Magnetic descaler  is in common practice these days. It is one of the most effective water softener available these days. They are generally come in two forms.  They either fitted inline with the pipework or clamp onto the outside of the pipework.

In the magnetic softener, a series of strong magnetic field are used in a computer-designed configuration. When  water passes through a magnetic field, the hydrogen ion, magnesium and calcium ion that are available in the water  become charged. The charge changes the properties of the magnesium and calcium ions available in  the water, resulting softening and improving it.


Magnetic water softeners are relatively affordable than other available treatments.  These units are very easy to fit. Moreover, they do not require any electric power for operation and hence, save your a lot of money in the long run.


This type of softener can be used for only single appliances. Moreover, they have to be substituted after some duration of time to maintain its efficiency.

Electronic water conditioner

It is also known as limescale inhibitors. This system offer maintenance free and excellent scale solution for whole home. Electronic softener work by transmitting a radio or audio signal to water with then help of the induction coil, wrapped throughout the pipework.  These signals change the characteristics of scales available in the  hardwater and hence, reduce the changes of further build-up of scale.


It  offers cost-effective, excellent and maintenance free solution for limescale problems. Electronic descalers are portable and very easy to install.  These systems reduce the existing and control further build-up without adding any salts and chemicals.

All the water treatment units are not effective for all types of hardwater. So, read the reviews and do  comprehensive research to buy a unit that offer the best solution of limescale problems.

About the Author…

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