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How To Take Care Of Laptop Batteries

Oct 13th 2010 at 8:48 PM

Take care of laptop batteries is also become the part of using the laptop. It is consists of so many different easy. However, before take care of batteries we must have the knowledge of due to which ways the laptop battery can be affected. Like, the Lithium Ion notebook batteries wear down due to two factors, the first is “active usage in your notebook battery” and the second is “natural aging of the notebook battery”. These both will wear down your notebook battery over time so the deception is to reduce their crash while still getting the performance out of your laptop battery that you need.

The most vital thing about understanding the laptop batteries is that they are always down a small bit of their charge. The hotter the temperature, the faster laptop batteries drop their charge. So the first step of care is to keep your laptop battery cool i.e. Notebook battery manufacturers store their products at around 60F (Be careful, it doesn't help to put them in the refrigerator; however, you can damage a battery by freezing it).
In the second step understand the capacity that decreases with each cycle of charging as well as discharging. By itself, it is not astonishing - but when collective with the previous point, it directs to a surprising conclusion.

Whenever you leave their laptop battery inside the machine along leaving the computer plugged into the wall that time the laptop battery is going from a constant charge-discharge cycle. However, once its charge level goes down to an encoded level (it is differ to manufacturer-to-manufacturer), the AC adapter offers extra fluid to "top off" the notebook battery. Moreover, as the laptop battery becomes older, it leans to self-discharge a little faster that speeds up the process even further.
Few Guidelines for Laptop Batteries:

- As new laptop batteries generally arrive in a discharged state so you must charge them minimum for four hours before their first use.
- Keep laptop battery cool (do not put it in the refrigerator or freezer).
- Try to evade running your laptop battery all the way to zero.
- Don't charge your notebook battery before long periods of inactivity.
So expand the life of your laptop by following the above listed points for take care of laptop batteries.

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May 18th 2016 at 6:06 AM by EviJanna
I once ruined my laptop by not really taking care of the battery. So I bought a macbook this time and I'm really taking care of it.

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