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How to pick the LED display

Mar 23rd 2015 at 7:32 PM

Whenever we buy something, it may have a problem in our hearts will always haunt us, how are we going to pick it, that today, let me tell you how to choose a cost-effective LED display.


If an ordinary display, we should use the new wide viewing angle tube, the outer packaging of the display cover to be selected along with the square tube, silicone seal, metal-free assembly. At the same time, when we choose the LED display, but also according to the characteristics of different LED display, combined with their actual requirements to choose cost-effective display led. Such as banks, shopping malls and other places used to display corporate image, advertising and other applications that require low cost, using φ3.75mm dual color display. A requirement that the effect is good, you can use φ5mm full-color display.


If you choose outdoor display will have a higher quality requirements, there are many factors to consider, from the cost-effective use of LED display and LED display, the full-color screen is the future mainstream. Because of its bright colors, you can use throughout the day, but the price is high. From the application point of view, we can choose dual color LED display, which displays the text, colors do not ask, do not have the blue of the occasion, and inexpensive. The outdoor screen orientation, distance plays a decisive role on the price. The greater the distance, the greater the pixel, the higher the brightness. Toward the southwest toward the northeast than display much cheaper.


That is all I tell you is that some how some selected LED display LED display Screen considerations.

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