How to make a Self Destructing Video

Aug 25th 2010 at 6:04 PM

Have you ever wanted to make a video for someone, but didn’t want it living forever in YouTube? Now there is a free service that allows anyone to create a video right from their webcam, privately send it to anyone in the world, and then have the video self destruct after a set number of views or set number of days. The service is called, and here’s how it works.

Open any browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, etc.) and go to You will be prompted to allow access to your webcam. Select Allow.

You can now see yourself in a Live Camera window. If you don’t see yourself click on the drop down list of cameras and select the one that works for you. On the Mac it is typically called USB Webcam. Note that until you record a message the deletion option is grayed out at the bottom of the screen.

Click the red Record button above your image to start the recording session. After you click it the button will change to Stop and a notification will appear that recording is in process. When done click the red Stop button.

When the recording is done the information at the bottom of the screen is now available to click. To view your message before sending it simply click the green Play button above your image.

If you want to re-record over your message, click the red Record button again to overwrite it. When you are happy with your recording decide if you want to use an auto deletion function at the bottom.

The default deletion time frame is 30 days, but you can change it to anything between 1 and 365 days. And you could also specify the video to be deleted after a certain number of views, even 1 view. If both are checked then whichever event happens first will destruct the video mail.

You can now click Send this as a Video Mail and you will have the following screen to populate:

Fill in the email address fields, and add a brief text message if you like. You can copy yourself on the video email if you click the box at the bottom. When done click Send Email. Congratulations! You have now sent a self destructing video email!  If you forget to select a deletion setting, you can always retract a previously sent video email.  Look for your Sent confirmation email as it contains a link to immediately retract and delete the video.

The user will receive an email which is less than 25kb in size that includes a picture of you linking to your video message. Until the point where the video self destructs they can click on your picture and they will be able to hear and see you. Once the self destruct requirement is met the user will receive the following message if they try to play the video:

By using anyone can quickly and easily send private video messages to anyone in the world. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your video will not live forever, but will be deleted within a set period of time. Try it today for free!

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