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How to Compare Desktop and Laptop Prices Accurately In India

Jan 9th 2014 at 9:47 PM

Computing devices in the market come in two main forms, the laptop and the desktop machine. While tablet PCs have also been introduced into the market, these are still basic devices that are, in most cases, used for lightweight computing. As a result, many people, when deciding on whether to go for a desktop computer or a laptop, will boil down the choice to a matter of which is one is more affordable.

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The reality is that this is the worst possible way to go about the process. The reality is that many people fail to realize that desktop computer price and laptop price in India are completely different as the products themselves. However, since a price comparison is still the most preferred way to compare devices, here are things you need to know when comparing prices.


Desktop computer price always gives you more power for less

Desktop computing has been around since the nineteen eighties. As a result, the manufacturers of components for these devices have gotten quite good at producing quality products at remarkably low prices. Therefore, a desktop PC will always provide more computing power at a much lower price than a laptop device. The result of this is that a desktop computer, which is priced same as a laptop, will always be more powerful.


Desktop computers are far easier to upgrade

Desktop computers are built to provide easy up gradation of their internal components. Upgrading a laptop computer may not always be possible, nor will it provide a result that is similar to the desktop. The process of upgrading a laptop computer requires a professional and exact knowledge of the component that is being upgraded. Furthermore, some manufacturers tend to design their laptop devices in such a way that the internal components are hard to access. This is meant to ensure that these devices provide the end user with service for a much longer period of time.


Laptop computers are priced higher because they favor mobile computing


Laptop price in India is always calibrated to cater for the added advantage of mobile computing. It is important to keep in mind that these devices are designed for the computing market segment which needs access to computers on the go. Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether one actually needs a mobile computing device before they decide on a laptop computer. Paying for portability advantage when it is of no use to you is not worthwhile, in which case desktop can provide a better computing solution.

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