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How The Solar Powered Lanterns, Lights And Phone Chargers Work

Sep 21st 2015 at 3:02 AM

The world is running into a huge energy crisis and its signs are already evident in various countries facing acute power shortage. There are load shadings, unpredicted power failures, transformer failure and different other symptoms of such shortage resulting in frequent power tripping. All these are bad experiences for people working and looking for power supplies. Scientists and researchers are continuously on the lookout for alternative power sources and gadgets. Catering to the needs of the consumers and research and efforts put in by the engineers and scientists, a number of alternative power sourced gadgets like the solar powered lanterns are coming up in the market.

How Solar Powered Devices Work
It may be interesting learning how the solar powered devices work.  Solar powered lighting fixtures contain a solar panel. The panel is made of a number of photovoltaic cells. These cells collect required amount of energies from sun light for which they are exposed to sun throughout the day. The device contains an intelligent sensor in case of large lighting systems of LED lights that senses exactly when there is no more energy available from sun due to night approaching and it automatically turns on the lights. In case of smaller items like the Solar Power Phone Charger the device has to be manually activated after it is charged being exposed to sunlight. The same principle applies to lanterns and other soar powered devices.

Source for Energy Storage
Whether it is large lights, bars, LED or the smaller items like the solar cell phone charger there would be necessity for storing and using the energy gained from the sunlight. This aspect is taken care of by the rechargeable battery(s) attached to the device. The size, shape and number of batteries may vary according to the type of gadget to which they are attached. For instance; if it is outdoor street lights then the batteries would be large in size as would be the panels. On the other hand for smaller devices like the solar powered lanterns the batteries would be smaller in size and in built in the system. The charging process is always the same; using a panel and exposing the same to sunlight throughout the day.

Advantages of Solar Powered Devices
Users derive multiple advantages using the solar powered devices. First of all; the source of recharging batteries using solar panels is huge and almost insatiable. On the other hand the cost of charging is minimal and it spares the user huge expenses otherwise that could be incurred using the traditional power sources. Wynn the Solar Cellphone Charger are used it gives the user peace of mind with the knowledge that he or she won’t be stranded with the cell phone nor working as the battery is not charged when the traditional power supply is off. It is the same in case of the solar power phone charger.

To sum up; solar powered devices work acquiring energies from Sunlight and it does not require bright Sunlight. Even faded lights in the day are enough to provide desired level of energies to recharge the batteries. Once the batteries are charged there would be no dearth of enough light for any purpose.

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