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Computer Security
Barry Insider | barryinsider
1 year ago

How Secure is a Mac against Viruses?

Jan 4th 2016 at 1:32 AM

Does an Apple Macintosh computer really need an antivirus program? This has been a common question for every new Mac user for a long time. The answer depends on a whole lot of factors. The short answer to this question is – yes. Mac computers do need antivirus apps for extended security strength but that doesn’t mean it’s very necessary.

Mac against virus

How secure is a Macintosh against the rising threat of malicious programs? Are there any remedy? Brief discussion ahead.

How secure are Macs?
There are two very popular myth about the Macs. ‘Macintosh computers are totally immune to virus’ and ‘Macintosh computers are just computers like any other that are connected to the internet and can be infected by viruses and malwares.

The current scenario stands in between both these statements. The Mac OS is secure, but not really immune to any sort of malware attack. Hackers are very smart human beings and they can indeed come up with new game plans every day to make an effective malicious program for the Macintosh PCs. Put into comparison, Mac platform is certainly more secure than the Microsoft Windows or Google Android platforms, but isn’t the heaven on earth in terms of computing. When hackers write a harmful program, the basic criteria is to hit the most number of computers in the least possible time and Mac OS doesn’t really fall in that criteria – this way, Macs are more secure. If a hackers doesn’t really want to be very gracious to the Mac users, who’s stopping him? You should have an antivirus program against such cases.

Unix operating system stores user data and program data in separate folders which makes it difficult for the malwares to create a mess inside an Apple Mac platform. But with the increasing software incorporation of Apple with other companies like Google and Microsoft, Apple is in fact expanding its market arena and attracting the suspicious programs to settle into Mac OS.

Mac Threats: SSL Vulnerability

SSL encryption makes intercepting web data while they are being transmitted via a server and a user, impossible. However, Apple left a bug in their Mac OS few years ago that would exploit the codes to hackers which could even expose sensitive data like password, bank PINs etc. to intruders. However, Apple has worked on that and mostly resolved the issue. But such issues could keep up showing at times. In this case, we would say Apple Macs aren’t as secure as they appear to be.

Should you get an Antivirus for Mac?

Some people aren’t just content with the door lock for security, they install bolts on every single door and window in the house. Yet a determined burglar would easily find their way into the house if they know how to. The bottom line is – having an antivirus for Mac would surely make your computer safer, but you might not need that extra investment at all. If you like this article, then you may enjoy my other articles such as Does your Mac Really Needs an Antivirus Program? on my AntivursInsider Blog. You could surely get an antivirus for Mac, but it’s not as necessary as other PC platforms.


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