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Nov 23rd 2015 at 12:45 AM

Before we dive into the working of this amazing software, let us take a few lines to know what it basically does. Phone dialer software is devised primarily to take on the task of calling up a list of numbers on the database, and connecting answered calls to the agents. It is preferred by telemarketers because it helps in boosting sales through connecting more calls in the same amount of time a manual operation would. Predictive dialer software works on algorithms that predict when a call agent will be free to take the next answered call, and patches it through to that agent. This way, the time an agent has to wait before the next call comes to him is reduced. The algorithms these dialers work on are designed to predict when a call will end, when the next call will be answered and when the next agent will be available. These predictions are based on the statistical call data the software collects from the call patters of the telemarketing division of a company. Based on the predictions the software makes, it decides on how many new calls to dial in order to ensure that the predicted number of answered calls match the predicted number of free call centre agents at a time. This way, the software ensures that no answered call goes in waiting due to agent unavailability.

The inputs that a dialer system requires are few, but they need to be frequently updated. These inputs are incorporated in the algorithm, and the efficiency this dialer can induce in the call centre depends on the exactness of input data. One of such inputs is the number of operators available for taking calls. The software makes its predictions based on algorithms and formulae that need the exact number of agents available at a time. If, for example, an agent takes time off for lunch, the software will automatically incorporate this change in the formulas and generate predictions with the new number.

Another input required is the expected duration of call. Company’s statistical data for calls is easy to get hands on, and once this information is fed into the software, it will arrive at an average value based on which it will calculate the expected time between two free agents. The expected time that an agent will be on call depends on the length of information he has to deliver to the other party. As this information changes, so does the call time. A predictive dialer will recognize patters of call times and make changes accordingly, so that predictions are as accurate as possible.

Outbound dialers work on the principle of dialing ahead. This means that based on the number of calls answered for every number dialed, the dialer will make more calls than the operators available, because not every call will be answered. It is another way towards ensuring that each time a call is answered, there is a call agent available to speak to the other party.

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