HMI Training in Noida – Get Trained in the Leading SCADA Interface Technology for an Industrial Automation Career

Jan 14th 2015 at 2:54 AM

HMI training in Noida is for aspirants who want to learn and master the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system and its components. HMI (human–machine interface) is a component of the SCADA system and it is that layer of technology that interprets human interaction with the system. It is an interfacing layer that reads user input and provides output. HMI systems are linked to databases and software programs of SCADA systems. The presented data is vast and varied; some examples are diagnostic data, trending, management information, logistic information, detailed schematics etc.


How does HMI present information?

An HMI system presents graphical information to the operator of the system. The mimic diagram depicts the plant being controlled. For example, the graphics of a pipe and pump connection portrays the running mechanism of the pipe, the volume of fluid being pumped through at a particular point in time. The operator can control the pump through HMI, such as switching it on or off. The associated HMI software displays vital statistics of the pump such as flow rate, and trending information such as fluid decrease if any – all of which is done in real-time.

HMI personnel should have an understanding of the mimic diagrams displayed, including the symbols used within, which represent various process elements; all of which can be learnt at an HMI training in Noida from a reputed training institute. Some HMI systems can display digital photographs of the remote system being controlled, overlaid with animated symbols for navigation and component identification.

What does the HMI package for SCADA contain?

A key package in an HMI system for SCADA is the drawing program. All HMI technicians use this drawing program to modify points represented in the interface. The points can be simple or complex. An example of a simple point is a traffic light. A complex point system is a multi-projector display that represents the position of elevators in several buildings.

Alarm handling is incorporated into the HMI package. If alarm conditions are met, the system activates one or more alarm indicators. Necessary actions are taken, such as sending a text message, or email to operators. If an alarm is acknowledged and acted upon, it is deactivated and archived.

Why take up professional training in HMI?

The principles, procedures and practices of HMI cannot be learnt on one’s own. It has to be learnt from a reputed training institute, where certified instructors guide aspirants on core fundamentals through practical guidance. HMI can be learnt by anyone having an electrical engineering background, existing industrial automation maintenance technicians, and candidates having prior knowledge of hardware automation. The market for HMI trained personnel is immense, given that most industries are being automated, and this increases the relevance and value of HMI training in Noida.

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