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GreenWin!'s Telecom Service FREE of Charge!

Dec 8th 2010 at 7:20 PM

Just an other blog post...

This most probably is "water on the mills" of those who always said that GreenWin! Network has little to no chance with their Telecom Service against e.g. Skype, as long as they charge an access fee, while other services (like Skype) are free to use. No matter if GreenWin! Network offers the Service from Cell Phones instead of, or rather in addition to, from Computers... no matter if GreenWin! Network offers a tremendeous Business Opportunity for FREE at the backend... as long as the Telecom Service does cost an access fee GreenWin! Network won't stand a chance.

Apparently also GreenWin! Network Management heard those calls, listened and reacted, changing policies:
You can now register for GreenWin! Network AND its Telecom Service for free to make Unlimited Free Phone Calls around the world to anybody in GreenWin! Network, and for hefty discounted prices (often cheaper than Skype!) to Phones that are NOT in GreenWin! Network!!!
In this last case you should encourage your talk partner to register for FREE as well, to
a) in the future to be able to talk to them for FREE, and
b) for them to earn commissions on every monetary transaction in their 10-level deep and unlimited wide downline of GreenWin! Network

That being said, here's the update:

News Update 7th Dec

Access Fee: GreenWin! Network will be dropping the access fee to use the FreeCalls to Mobile Phones service. This will open the door to more members using the telecoms services including FreeCalls to any GreenWin! Network registered mobile number. There will be no need for a free trial as members will have instant access to use the system free for life.

The changes will be implemented ASAP.

Members who have already paid for access will have their PEP balances updated. Refunds cannot be given.
Upgrades: There will be several add-ons and upgrades on offer. These will include services like unlimited free texting globally, video streaming and global phone book directory hosting that will have small activation fees that also generate commissions.
MobiPortal: With the new free access the developers will make a few tweaks to the MobiPortal and have it deployed ASAP. Current Calling Issues: A few mobile service companies are blocking voip calls to their customers mobile numbers. This is mostly happening in South Africa and parts of Russia. The telecoms team will be activating the tunnelling technology ASAP to punch through these blocks. This should resolve most of the reported issues about audio not working when using the web phone. Stakeholders: The profit share for November was expected to be small and has been carried over to December because the mass pay system can only accept values that have no more than three digits after the decimal point. PEPs: The next batch of PEPs are being made available now. If you wish to become a stake holder or purchase more PEPs please send an email to: support@greenwinnetwork.com Put PEPS as the subject. A reply mail will be sent with info on being a stakeholder, earning monthly profit share and the potential returns when the PEPs are converted into shares. The mail will also include instructions on what to do next. The PEPs are sold on a 1st come basis. (PEPs = Private Equity Points; not publicly tradable shares in the company's equity -Th.J.) For more news including a sneak peak at the new Mega Portal and the G-Phone click on the download Link below.

(click image for full site view)

The video is rendered for windows media.

Some members have reported that after downloading the video file it will not open or play.
We will prepare another video update on the 9th and upload it to YouTube.
The link to that video will be posted on this news page.


Let The Success Always Be With You!

Cheers from Lima, Peru

Thomas Jungblut


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