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GreenWin!'s new MegaPortal Video Update and Preview

Dec 10th 2010 at 1:10 AM

Just an other blog post...

Take your entire Internet experience so far, which most probably includes

  • search engines like, , , etc. ...

  • social networking sites like , , ,

    etc. ...
  • Chat, Messenger and Telecommunication like , ,

    , etc. ...

  • purchase sites like , etc. ...

  • auction sites like , etc. ...

  • service sites like /biverr, , etc. ...

  • dating service, shopping mall and , , ,

    , , , , ,

    WebRadio, and close to every other activity, service, news source or niche you know from the WorldWideWeb... so, practicly take all the good features of these well-known and established sites and services together, and put them all together under one single roof, and then you've got....

The GreenWin! Network will launch it's MegaPortal by end of December 2010.

That by itself wouldn't be too much worth a big note, as there are lots of sites, programs and services online launching and disappearing nearly on a daily basis.


GreenWin! is "a liiiiittle bit different"!

Because in GreenWin!, when registering for FREE to use the above mentioned and more services, you automaticly also become an Affiliate and can invite and refer others with your Referral Link to also use the GreenWin! services. By doing so, you over time will build a "nice little Organization" - or Downline - that reaches 10 levels deep with every level being unlimited wide, meaning:
All your PERSONAL Referrals fall only into your first level; as do their Referrals and then theirs, and theirs again...

Now, there are certain services in GreenWin! that are not free but that members can purchase for a more or less small access or activation fee. And if someone in your 10-level deep downline does that, you earn an Instant Commission!

  • Someone in your 10-level downline purchases a pair of shoes or a DVD in the GreenWin! SuperMall ... you earn a commission!
  • Someone in your 10-level downline feels lonely and uses the dating service ... you earn a commission!
  • Someone in your 10-level downline plays Lotto Online through the GreenWin! Lotto agency ... you earn a commission!

The list goes on and on and on... there are already about 50 - 80 Income Streams in GreenWin! that you can earn commission from, with more to come!

And then there is the Telecom Service of GreenWin! Network!

Imagine having Skype on your Cell Phone, call anybody in the world for FREE or for heavily discounted rates and "get paid for it". Now you have what the Telecom Service of GreenWin! will be all about!
PLUS: GreenWin! will have it's own Cell Phone, the G-Phone, including the latest technologies available: Quad-band, dual SIM card (GreenWin! SIM and your local service provider!), WiFi, Java, Bluetooth, 3.2" touch screen, MP3, Radio, TV, Email... you get the idea... an iPhone on steroids!
And in the future: A GreenBattery... meaning a self-recharging battery; by either movement or solar panel.

WOW!!! That was a whole bunch of information... nearly an Information Overload... but that's what the GreenWin! Engeneers and Technicians have been working on for the last two years. And now it's finally done and will be launched by the end of December!

I recommend you... no... I URGE YOU to JOIN and Register with GreenWin! as soon as you'll have finished reading this, and then start promoting it, inviting everybody you know AND everybody you DON'T know (yet) to join, too, so your Downline starts growing. And as it grows bigger and bigger - also by the effort of your Downline Members - and once people start purchasing the one or the other Item, Service or Add-On you start earning commissions that you can then turn around and pay yourself whenever you want, through . You don't need to wait for a certain payday. Commissions are being paid instantly to your backoffice and from there you can pay yourself through and then to your DebitCard or Bank Account.

Catch a short glimpse on how the MegaPortal will look like and what features and services it wil contain:



GreenWin! has a great future!

GreenWin! IS the Future!

Join NOW and be part of it!

Let The Success Always Be With You!

Cheers from Lima, Peru

Thomas Jungblut


DISCLAIMER: All used logos in this blog post are trademarks (™) and/or registered brands (®) and/or copyrights (©) of their repective company. I don't hold any rights or ownership on them and have used them solely for demonstrative and recognition reasons.

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