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1 year ago

GreenWin!'s new Mega Portal

Dec 7th 2010 at 1:17 AM

Just an other blog post...

Greenwin Network Insider Information

This article contains e-mail communications between Christian Fortune and Paul Von Wildenrath. (Christian Fortune = founder & CEO of GreenWin! Network -Th.Jungblut)
Paul has permission to “leak” this information, so here is the inside scoop. Oh, look out for the New Portal Draft Homepage at the bottom.

E-Mail #1

The SA tariffs have definitely come down a lot. They were R1.30/min for cellphones and R0.32/min for landlines. They are now R0.33 and R0.08 respectively. I look forward to them coming down even further, in line with Europe as the SA database grows.
As I said... its all about traffic and billed minutes. We should be able to get rates to most countries…certainly the most popular down quite a bit more in the coming weeks and months... its just a numbers game ;D
In a previous email you said: “We are waiting on the MobiPortal team to update and hopefully release the app this week.”
Will it still happen this week, or do you have another date you can give me?
More specifically, when will we be able to make mobile-to-mobile free calls and Surecalls?
We are holding back just a little bit longer on the mobiPortal as there are some big changes coming to the structure and biz model we will be using. We will be removing all pre paid access to telecoms soon. Everyone will get full access to using the telecoms portal, messenger and MobiPortal to make free calls and SureCalls. SureCalls will be renamed to GreenCalls. A percentage of every top up credit will go towards planting trees and securing areas of the Amazon rain forests. We will be working with a few orgs in this field to facilitate the mission. The idea is to remove all barriers and resistance to using GWN…get millions of users using the system but also have several upgraded functions that a percentage of users will pay for. This will generate instant cash commissions. The total bundle of upgrades will be worth more than the access fee and our projection reveal that members revenue share will increase.
Paul: Many members have been testing the web phone with varying results. Some are reporting excellent results but some results in SA are not good. One guy says he calls people and they can hear him, but he can’t hear them. I have tried calling another subscribed member a few times, but we can’t connect. We keep getting error messages, like “forbidden” and “not found”. Do you have any idea when this problem will be resolved?
Christian: For your own usage please open a support request and report the issues. Tech support will then login to your account and test / fix any problems in the system linked to your account. The initial beta test has been a great success. The log files show over 98% of calls are connected and are not being dropped. Feed back is fantastic with members all over the world using the functions happily. There are a few problem areas where we are getting most of the support requests and error reports... we cal also see this in the error logs. South Africa is a problem area. So the telecoms team will be putting resources into this to find out where the core issues are and what solutions can be implemented. The good thing is…it is not a big percentage as we get a lot of good feed back about call connection and quality in SA.
My upline tells me, from a Q&A with Support, that you will be launching a Gphone similar to an iPhone 4, but with 2 SIM slots and cheaper. This is very exciting news. When will that be available?
Also, Support says that the Global SIM will be available before the end of 2010. Is that true?
Christian: Yes we will be launching the G-Phone. This is very similar to the iPhone. It has the same features but is also has some additional features and functions like a dual sim card port. It will also be preprogrammed to work instantly out of the box with GWN for free calls, unlimited texts and more. The package will also include 1 year of data transfer which will allow a lot of free calls every day due to the super compression codecs installed. The phone also has some very advanced functions like hot spot detection and auto connect to hot spots. We are aiming for end of Jan to get the first consignment being ready to distribute. The cost will be a lot less than the iPhone but offer more goodies. The GWN sim cards will be come along around the same time as the G-Phone.
Paul: A blogger posted this comment: “Heard from Malcolm, he has seen some snippets of new portal and C.F. says its looking good for end December.”
Which portal is he talking about, the MobiPortal or the MegaPortal?
That will be the mega portal with all the sites integrated. I can send you a screen shot of the latest homepage design soon. I am just having a few tweaks made now. Most of the site is completed and it will be a much used and loved portal... but there will be much more to come as well.

E-Mail #2
Christian, I just need a bit more clarification on a comment you made because, if I understand it correctly, it’s an unbelievable step you are taking, and an excellent marketing tactic. You said: “We will be removing all pre paid access to telecoms soon. Everyone will get full access to using the telecoms portal, messenger and MobiPortal to make free calls and SureCalls. The idea is to remove all barriers and resistance to using GWN.” Does that mean people won’t have to pay an annual subscription to get the GWN service, that everyone will have access to basic usage once they join and if they want extra service benefits, they pay an amount commensurate with the level of benefits they will get? Will it mean that those of us who have already paid our subscription fees will automatically qualify for a certain level of additional benefits?
Can you give me more details on the upgrade levels, the benefits offered and an estimation of costs per level?
Also, when do you anticipate this becoming reality?
Christian: The new biz model will not have any access fees to use the telecoms. So everyone can have instant lifetime access to use the telecoms portal, Messenger and mobi portal to make free mobile calls to members registered numbers…as well as purchase top up credits to make GreenCalls [the new name for Surecalls]. There will be add-on upgrades that members can purchase and these will generate commission. The add-ons will be sold at around 25 euros per add-on upgrade. There will be several of these... with more apps being created for the gPhone as well. Add-ons will include things like unlimited texts, video streaming / chat, global phone book directory... etc. Removing all resistance and barriers to members using gwn telecoms will bring in millions of new members. A percentage of the members will purchase add-ons and apps... the total value of all the add-ons will be more than the original access fees. Members who have already paid for access will have the option to get an upgrade service or more PEPs. The phones are produced in Hong Kong by a company that makes phones for other telecom companies. They can produce up to 1 million branded gPhones a month... the 1st consignment should be ready to distribute by end of Jan. The phone will retail to members at less than an iphone and there will be a sliding bulk wholesale price list as well for members that want to sell the phones to make retail profits as well as commissions.
Below please see the portal homepage.

I will be changing the top nav tabs to green and a few other tweaks... but this will give you an idea of what is coming. Ignore the news item headers... these are just mock ups for now. Many of the integrated sites and services are done... and I am trying to get the portal online before Christmas.
How’s that for “Breaking News??” Paul.

New Portal Homepage Draft

GWN Portal Home Draft

If after reading this you have "licked blood"... if you have gotten the taste and want to look into this Telecom Package and the Business Opportunity behind GreenWin! ... you can sign up through the actual, "old" Homepage of GreenWin! Network here:


Let The Success Always Be With You!

Cheers from Lima, Peru

Thomas Jungblut


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